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    Bizarre Software Update Dusfunction

    Except that it doesn't, and that's the problem. In the Software Update preference pane "Automatically check for updates" and "Download newly available updates in the background" AND "Install system data files and security updates" are all checked. The problem is, when I go to the Mac App Store...
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    Bizarre Software Update Dusfunction

    I'm talking about the Mac App Store, not the App Store in iOS. The Mac App Store absolutely will do system software updates under normal circumstances, and in fact I've done it exactly that way on numerous occasions. I've set OS X to update automatically, which is why i get notifications in the...
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    Quad-core MacBook Air?

    Yep, they're both running 10.7.4. The MBA is a year newer than the iMac, though; they might have slightly different varieties of the Core i5 (plus they're obviously running at different clock rates).
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    Quad-core MacBook Air?

    Interesting. My iMac at work has a Core i5 quad-core, but it only shows the four processors in Activity monitor. Maybe Hyperthreading is turned off in the iMacs?
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    Quad-core MacBook Air?

    I have a mid-2011 13" MacBook Air that I always thought was a dual-core machine (it's a 1.7 GHZ Core i5). In fact, Apple's "Tech Specs" page lists it as a dual-core CPU with 3 MB shared L3 cache. But Activity Monitor seems to think it's a quad-core part. The "CPU" tab shows four cores, as...
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    What does "Documents & Data" in iCloud actually do?

    I had initially assumed it synchronized iWork files between Mac OS X and the cloud, which would be nice because you could edit, e.g., Pages files on your iPad and your Mac. But syncing of iWork docs seems to work only among iDevices running iOS 5. Then I thought maybe it synchronizes iWork...
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    Filesharing Changes in OS X 10.6.5

    I've noticed a couple of changes to filesharing that seem to be associated with OS X 10.6.5. It appears that folders that are shared via ACL, specifically folders on volumes other than the startup volume, are no longer visible via filesharing over the network. This appears to be the case not...
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    two iPhones, two people, one computer

    Speaking of SIM cards: I'm upgrading my iPhone 3G to a new iPhone 4 in a couple of weeks, and am having the new phone shipped to me. My understanding is that all I have to do is connect the new iPhone to iTunes, and do a restore from the backup of my 3G iPhone. But do I have to swap in the SIM...
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    What activities wake a screen?

    I have this situation on a couple of my Macs, one a PowerMac G5 (DP 2.0 GHz, 5 Gig RAM, 250 Meg/500 Meg HD), the other a Mac Mini (Core Duo 1.6, 1 Gig RAM, 60 Gig HD), the PowerMac running Leopard and the Mini running snow leopard. Both machines are set to sleep the display after about ten...
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    Speed advantage of installing RAM in groups of three in "Nehalem" Mac Pros?

    I understand that there's a speed advantage to installing RAM in multiples of three DIMMs in Nehalem Mac Pros. But I'm curious as to the magnitude of that speed advantage. I'm trying to decide whether I should configure my Mac Pro with 6 X 2 Gig DIMMs for a total of 12 Gig, or 8 X 2 Gig DIMMs...
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    What does "Push Sync" actually mean?

    Okay, I can get my .mac mail and my POP server mail without too much difficulty, although if I try to get e-mail where I can get neither Wi-Fi, 3G, nor EDGE, mail will eventually stop even trying and then I have to power-cycle the iPhone to even make it check for mail. I can live with that, I...
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    Printing to Airport Express Base Station

    I've upgraded two Macs (a Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro) to Leopard, and both have lost the ability to print to the Epson CX5000 connected to my AirPort Express base station. The Mac Mini, which is also connected via Ethernet to my home network, can print to the CX5000 as a Bonjour printer...
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    Upgrading from OS X client to server

    Is it possible to do an in-place upgrade from OS X client to OS X server, without having to recreate user accounts and reinstall applications? I'm considering installing OS X Server on my main machine (a dual 2 GHz G5), but I might not do it if I have to reinstall all my applications and...
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    Redlining fans on PowerMac G5

    This has happened three times so far in the past week, and I'm thinking it's a hardware problem somewhere. Here are the symptoms: An idle (but not sleeping) PowerMac G5 locks up completely (won't even return a ping), and the fans spin up until they're running full-blast. The only thing I can...
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    Apple File Sharing on a local network

    My network is pretty basic. I've got a DSL connection with five usable static IP addresses, all on the same subnet (subnet mask is All three computers connect directly to the DSL modem through its built-in switch. The only firewalls on the LAN side of the DSL modem are ipfw on...
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    Apple File Sharing on a local network

    Yep, that's exactly what we're talking about. Let's say the domain name for the server in question is If I go to Finder > Go > Connect to server, and type in, I can connect. Note that I don't have to include the "afp://" in front of the domain name. But the AppleTalk name (in...
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    Apple File Sharing on a local network

    I have what should be a pretty simple question: how do I get AppleTalk shares to show up in the "Connect to Server" dialog? I've never had to get an answer to this question, because I've always gotten it to work in a completely different manner. My home network consists of three Macs...
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    iSync is only syncing certain calendars to my Razr

    In iSync, click on the icon for your phone. You'll find a list of preferences. One of them is for which calendars get synced to the phone. You can either choose "all," or you can check the ones you want to be synced. You can also choose how far into the future you want to sync the calendars.