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  1. ChrisM666

    Keyboard with mis-programmed keys

    I recently got an el cheapo Mac-alike Bluetooth keyboard. It's fine enough, but I notice that many/all of the Function keys are off-kilter. They tend to display the behaviour they would when the Fn key is pressed: No Dashboard on F12, but Volume louder and teh key beyond F12 - says 'Del' with...
  2. ChrisM666

    CSVs in a comma-free land and other woes

    I am currently using files with extension .cdb - which are just .csvs with the usual(?) commas and some added vendor-specific rows. I want to open them in Excel (2008) as though they are .csvs. Ideally, they would open via 'File>Open' - or at least on being selected in Finder - with each item...
  3. ChrisM666

    Reading PDFs on a Palm via a Mac?

    Can any of the dying breed of Mac-and-Palm owners please tell me how I can read PDFs on my Palm after loading them via Missing Link on my Mac? Missing Link didn't want to load a PDF from Finder and said so by greying all PDFs out. No 'Show All Files' option was on the 'Open' window as it...
  4. ChrisM666

    Lost admin perms and want them back.

    I lost admin rights to my Mac after a crash and the only other user, also admin, seems to have been make boss-admin user in that all the apps that I 'owned' are now in his name! Just re-adding my name as an admin user did not change this wrongful allocation. How do I reverse this situation?
  5. ChrisM666

    Can I burn a Linux ISO to a USB stick?

    I want to burn a Linux distro to a USB stick using my iMac but have got either another ISO image on the stick or, if the ISO is unpacked, a fine-looking set of files on it which will not boot. How do I create a bootable stick, please??
  6. ChrisM666

    Syntax to remove terminal window after command has run?

    I need to launch a CLI app - synergy - and can't ascertain what the syntax is to avoid the terminal window hanging around after the command is completed. (Not the end of the world but I'm sure things can be kept clean on the desktop.)
  7. ChrisM666

    Wireshark: bad installs and a plea...

    An early app on my 2008-new Mac was Wireshark (1.0.2, I think). It's sole irritating fault was that the GUI menus were very cramped and hard to read. Then it started going a bit awry: clicking on its icon brought up X11 only and a second clicking was needed to get WS. Then I saw a 1.0.7...
  8. ChrisM666

    Do you have a Canon LBP5000?

    This is not a poll, it's a desperate plea just to find anyone who has got one of these printers to print from their Mac! If you have one, just reply. Please. If you have actually got it working I'd love to know how! 'Ask a Tech' has failed to reply to this plea (twice) so...
  9. ChrisM666

    iPod:1,500 songs in search of their metadata

    This question probably has an obvious answer but my ignorance Apple-wise is still great. Question: I now have rescued 1522 songs, named but without artist, album and genre info. Is it possible to obtain this info from some source on the Web to flesh the tracks out once they're back in...
  10. ChrisM666

    Updating old Nano

    No-one seems to know what the most recent iPod software is (mine is 1.3.1) and the only way I will be able to update it is if it is in Apple format. I'm stumped how to reformat the storage inside my nano 1 Gen. to Mac format. How do I do this and still have the Nano's OS(?) still alive to...
  11. ChrisM666

    Alias icons won't 'take'!

    When following the instructions and trying to add an icon to a desktop alias, the .PNG file dragged on to the initial icon at the top of the 'get info' bar (Inspector?) does not stick. A generic icon that resembles the Preview icon but with the text PNG on it is there instead. Something's...
  12. ChrisM666

    Canon LBP5000 color laser fails to print

    I have had a mini attached to a Canon LBP5000 colour laser printer since I got the mini in April and am unable to make it print. After a longish delay Canon seem to have got a functioning driver (by others' accounts). The driver is the latest - 1.70 - and I followed the installation guide to...
  13. ChrisM666

    Anybody used an Adderview Omega AV02 KVM Switch?

    Adderview claims it to be compatible with Mac a.w.a. Sun,MS, etc. but the small print says "via PS/2 to USB adaptors". Has anybody used these devices successfully with their Macs? I want to use it with a Mac, a PC and a Linux box.
  14. ChrisM666

    Multiple Docks

    I notice Mac users have been crying out for multiple Docks for YEARS but Apple engineers/marketing don't have the brainpower to devise them. Has anyone else found ways to display more than one Dock on the screen at the same time? Obviously I know of Dock Fun, Docks and other single...
  15. ChrisM666

    How may I download Flash(?) audio

    I am trying to download a sound file from a site that seems to have a Flash Player interface. This disallows the usual "Save link as", etc. options so I am left with finding a Mac-related OpenSource offering. It was suggested that VLC or Mplayer would do this stream ripping. It might help to...
  16. ChrisM666

    Running Linux under Virtualbox on my Mac

    Installed Virtualbox on my Mac but was dismayed by the max screen res of only 800x600. You would be too. I am hoping that a macosx-er has done this and can explain what to do because after Googling and looking into the finding, I am still stumped...
  17. ChrisM666

    It takes an age for changes in a Windows share to show up on my Mac

    I thought this would be a pretty-much instantaneous affair, but I can add to/change a file while working on my connected Windows box but it can take around 10-30 minutes for it to appear in my networked Mac's Finder. Is this driven by Windows or by the Mac and what can I do to speed it up? I...
  18. ChrisM666

    Can OSX launch a Wine program in response to an event?

    With Picasa2 now running on my Darwine-supported Mac, I need to know how coax OSX to open Picasa2, rather than iPhoto, when I connect my digital camera to it. I have tried RCDefaultApps (not Image Capture as I wrongly said before) but it - like all dratted Finder-driven utilities - can't seem...
  19. ChrisM666

    Horizontally reversing videos?

    I couldn't find a more appropriate forum, alas. I want to convert a video such that the action is mirrored left to right. This is to aid movement study. Is this possible with home kit and cheap software? iMovie doesn't seem able to do this.
  20. ChrisM666

    (Dar)wine at the press of a button?

    Although I have fiddled with 'Get Info' and RCDefaultApp I can't find a way to make Windows .EXE files default to launch on double-clicking. (They currently default to :-( ) I know that I can make aliases to each .exe I want to open but would rather have any I install default...