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    Need Buying Advise

    Here's my problem... I have an iBook 500 (rev a) that I have to give back to someone soon, so I need to get my own laptop. Right now, I'm VERY satisfied with Jaguar on this system, which is 500mhz, has 320 mb ram, and an 8 mb video card. In fact, I'm shocked at how well everything runs...
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    Quake 3 Arena for Mac OS X

    Hello, I have the original Quake 3 arena CD. I moved to OS X a few months ago and I figured now would be a good as time as any to install the OS X version and give it a try. I copied the baseq3 folder off the cd onto my hard drive, and downloaded the latest OS X version (1.31beta). What...
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    Please! Does OptOnline work with OS X?!

    This is the only thing stopping me from taking the plunge! If there is anyone out there who is using Optimum online with OS X (not through a router, but direct into the ethernet port) PLEASE let me know. Tech support has gotten me nowhere. Thanks for your Help! -Mark
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    Mac OS X on iMac DV 400?

    Hello all, I'd love to upgrade my home system to OS X, but I'm not sure how solid it would be on my iMac. Does anyone have OS X running on an equivilant machine? If so - how's it running (ie, speed - window redraw, etc.) Thanks for any input. iMac DV 400 G3 384mb RAM 30 gig 7200 hard...
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    Does MAC OS X have DHCP support?

    It's the one thing stopping me from pre-ordering it. I have a cable modem which uses DHCP. I'm on Long Island and use optimum online. Does anyone have this working, or know if the final version will have full DHCP support? Please help! Thanks :)
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    Any word on OS 9.5?

    Does anyone know anything about 9.5, When is it coming?
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    is OS X Cable Modem / DHCP compatable?

    I heard from a freind that you can't use a cable modem (which uses a DHCP server) on OS X Beta. This is the only thing stopping me from getting the beta for my home machine. Does anyone know a workaround for this? Please help! Thanks :)
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    New Calculator in OS X?

    If one thing hasn't changed in the years of Mac OS upgrades, it's that dull black and white calculator. I was just wondering if they finaly made it color for the most beautiful looking OS ever.
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    iSub with OS X?

    Does anyone know if there will be iSub support with OS X? Is there now? That's the only thing stopping me from getting the beta, and/or the full version for my iMac DV