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    Internet Exploder and colors

    First of all, I think its weak that M$ couldn't get their color schemes to match up with Apple's color scheme. The graphite isnt the same as Apple's graphite, and there is no similar 'blue' color option. On to my very minor but nevertheless annoying problem. Every time I start IE up, the...
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    foobar in IRC username

    I compiled the irc client Epic last night, and noticed that I ended up with a user id of 'foobar.' For instance, when I whois myself I see 'foobar@my_ip_address.' No matter what I do, I cannot get rid of the 'foobar' and replace it with what I need it to say. I thought it might be a...
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    Menubar clock

    OS X is very, very cool. But the dock clock isnt going to work. Does anyone know of an app that will add the MacOS style date and time to the menubar?