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    Does anyone know anything about working with LISP in FreeBSD/OS X. I'd like to start learning how it works, and it would be oh-so-convenients if could do so in OS X rather than reinstalling linux on my cramped hard drive. Thanks! Mike
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    Multi Monitor w/Voodoo3

    Here's my deal... I have a Rev B Beige G3/266 w/160MB RAM. I got OS X installed and running correctly with the onboard ATI card. So now i want to put my Voodoo3 2000 back in and run multiple monitors. All is well in 9, however, when i attempt to boot into X, the beach ball will come up...
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    Has anyone tried to install LaTeX in Darwin/OS X? I think i'll give it a go a bit later, but i wanted to see if anyone had tried this yet...