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    DB Snowboard Designs

    must be different because I like the tree... :o
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    It's HERE: iPod

    /me waits for the breakthrough....
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    Mac OS X for AMD/Intel

    to see how intel are going to explain how an 800mhz Itanium, is faster then a 2ghz p4... I have peecee, it is cursed...
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    OS X managing fonts.

    apparently suicase 10 from xtensis is releasing a total font management solution for X soon. I have not seen reserve from Corel, and do not know what it's capabilities are, but it too is another solution. Then there is also a guy doing a shareware app, i think you can find a link to his "light"...
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    I Have Been Forced To Buy A Pc

    I made that mistake, I just invested money in a PC at the recommendation of one of my developer mates, to run various database apps. It has been the worst mistake of my life 8( I have spent the weekend reinstalling, seriously, I am on the 3rd reinstall for this weekend. I can't use this piece...
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    What about Corel Photopaint? It may not be the photoshop we are used to, but it does the same stuff with CMYK support.
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    I am so jazzed about 10.1

    I think it's called "pismo"...
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    I would like to see what happens when people truly start to take note of M$'s licensing and payment policies. There is still an air of disbelief at the office with regards to these policies. One of my mates, a heretic windows users ;P (I can say that), reckons that win XP will be cracked...
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    Weird, most of the people consider macs a toy? The biggest argument for PC's appears to be that it has more games and they run faster. I have 3 macs, 1 SGI and a brand new 1.7ghz p4 + all the bells and whistles - I am sorry to say that the P4 has ended up being a glorified gaming console -...
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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    I think we all work according to our own value sets. Personally I do my best to legally own everything I use, at personal cost. But I do find carracho an immensely valuable tool, to transfer files and discuss issues with friends and colleagues. Sadly, people need to look at the hole they are...
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    OS X 1 has samba built it, so you will be able to connect to windows network services. I wouldn't worry about it, there will be no problems and Dave is simple to configure if there are.
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    Wath a delusion!

    yeah, but imagine if he realses the new iMac, what would he release at the next show ;)
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    *codename: Chameleon Revealed* Os X On Intel

    Opinions vary, but from what I understand there should be very little performance difference, but Cocoa is supposedly easier/quicker to code. Carbon was intended to be a crossover principle for Mac OS 9 - X, so that the DTP industry, who are notorius for taking their time, are still...
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    Wath a delusion!

    yes, they are the same as they have been for a while, but, on the upside, it is all the more reason to think that a new update is due soon too... If they changed the Bus speeds increased the backside cache, and built new configurations, I would say that this shape is due to stay a while, but...
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    We have to pay for 10.1!!!

    I would rather get the CD - I hate re-installing the frigging updates everytime I give my machine a good clean, give me one clean install anytime, even if it costs some money for a nice sleeve and printed CD.
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    Wath a delusion!

    The new G4 is not a consumer machine, it never was, it has been positioned against the top end dells, compaq's etc since it the G4 range came into being. When compared to those machines, it is incredably reasonable, in fact cheap. No X 1 was a dissappointment, but I have been thinking about...
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    Dave should cover IPX, it did in the previous OS versions. But why would you require IPX? You running legacy stuff? OS X should cover most of your networking needs - Until dave was released, I used ftp between all the different stations, wasn't ideal, but good enough. I will give you some...
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    Keynote is over...impressions?

    nah, there was no one more thing...and I waited for it...and waited and waited...and wa i t e d...
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    *codename: Chameleon Revealed* Os X On Intel

    I wonder what you people put in your should market it!
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    Keynote is over...impressions?

    I think all the speculation over the release of a new shape iMac ruined it for me...the whole time I was waiting for "one more thing"... Although lots of the other stuff was impressive, those new G4's kick a$$, and seeing the X 1, it looked super charged compared to our current version...