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    Transferring files between a Mac and a Samsung Galaxy SIII

    OK, I get that these two companies don't like one another. I don't know which one is causing me trouble, and frankly I don't care. My old HTC Desire S was easy. Take the USB cable, plug it in, transfer files through Finder and you were done. To my surprise the newer phone cannot do it this...
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    Mac Mini, viable option to an iMac?

    Thinking of buying a new Mac in the next half year (just to avoid them releasing new and shiny hardware a week after I buy something), and I'm stuck between an iMac and a Mac Mini. iMac was my first choice, but price is an issue and it seems judging by CPU I will get more power out of a Mac...
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    iTunes podcast directory

    Is it possible to set the iTunes Podcast directory to something different than where my music is stored? I have a MacBook and wish to have my music with me wherever, but sadly 800+ TEDtalks and the likes are starting to eat way too much of my space, I would like podcasts to go onto an external...
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    I want a bigger iPod Touch

    I like how iPod Touch works. I really enjoy the interface, it is just so damn intuitive and simple. I want to hang it on my living room wall and use it to play music, but I want it with a bigger screen, something like 13". I want to throw a party and have all my friends being able to walk up to...
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    iPod Touch screen gone bright white

    I was playing Myst, then the screen started acting up a bit (slightly brighter in the middle 1/3 of the screen), a minute later the screen went all white. I've tried putting it to sleep, I've tried connecting it to my computer. From what I can tell, the iPod runs fine, it just doesn't display...
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    Mencoder OSX (check the "Download files" section for Mencoder) A great tool for storing movies on a Mac. It's like the iTunes of movies...
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    Tim Buckley on Mac gamers

    Got me laughing BTW, it's a response to AppleGeeks' comic found here
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    Apple's history?

    Does anyone know good sites for info on Apple's history? I'm writing about them for a history project at school, and while is a great site, it's always good to have several sources...
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    Fink not installing stuff...

    So, I downloaded the great Fink, and it downloads stuff as much as I want it to, then it complains that I don't have a C compiler. It suggests I upgrade Apple Developer Tools, though I have none. I joined as a developer for free, but downloading these 600MB from this iDisk-like thing really...
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    How to close the Terminal window after a while using AppleScript?

    I'm writing a newbie AppleScript ping application, the intention is to check internet connection with only one click. So far, the code looks like this: tell application "Terminal" do script "ping -c 10" end tell As you've probably guessed, this opens Terminal and pings 10...
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    Aaaagrh! Apple Support (again)

    Five weeks ago I recieved my PowerBook G4 15", excellent hardware, even if it arrived much later than I was told at the time I ordered (see sig for specs) Three weeks ago I got the "yelllow spots" problem. Great! The Apple Support guys first denied it, said he never heard of the problem. I told...
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    Quality testing

    A while ago I did a topic about Apple delivering, and 1 month from ordering date was much too long a wait for a product, especially if customers aren't told that when ordering. Now, it seems Apple is facing a new problem. Apple was always famous for quality hardware and software, this is no...
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    Software Update

    Now that it's all stand-alone, it's a daily run thingy in my dock, I imagine others also run it more often. With the constantly increasing internet speeds, it's time to put more software in there. Let it check all our software, or at least software allowing this. I'd love to have my Warcraft...
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    AppleSupport AV

    Video and voice chat with iChat is one hefty thing Apple wants to spread, here's an idea: remove a big need I have for a phone, give me AppeSupport AV. Most Macs have internal speakers/microphones, so the need for extra hardware is not there, but if you have iSight or a digital camera, so much...
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    AlBook yellow spots

    Anybody got them? You'll def. know when you do, a great many yellow spots run wild on your screen, messing up colors and the general user experience...usually happens when you put any pressure on the PowerBook (like resting your hands). Sad to see Apple failing like this...calling AppleSupport...
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    How do I find my MAC adress?

    Went by my school's network admins about a month ago asking what I needed to connect to the wireless network at school. They needed my MAC adress and it'd all be OK. Now I have a PowerBook and I need the AE's MAC adress. Where do I find this?
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    OK, I'm checking my shipment status constantly. 3 times a day, at least, waiting for my PowerBook. Here's what I see: Shipment Picked Up TAIPEI, TP, TW 09 Oct 2003 15:22 Cleared Customs TAIPEI, TP, TW 11 Oct 2003 05:00 Depart Terminal TAIPEI, TP, TW 11 Oct 2003 14:55 Arrive...
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    Apple at NaIT

    Heh. Let me take this from the top. My town has a few computer-clubs, one stand out as THE computer-club, it's the one at "Høgskolen i Narvik", big school in my town. They are called SysRq. These guys used to host a LAN party for their school's students called LANo. This had room for about...