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  1. bbloke

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2020 gets off to a good start for you all.
  2. bbloke

    Olympics - London 2012

    What have people here made of the Olympics? Have you been following it on the TV or even managed to be there in person? I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in person on a couple of days and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it all, especially as I had been fairly pessimistic...
  3. bbloke

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone at! :) Any particularly good presents being given or received this year?
  4. bbloke

    Apple confirms: Lion arriving on July 20th

    In Apple's quarterly earnings call, it was announced by Peter Oppenheimer (CFO) that OS X Lion will be launched tomorrow (July 20th). The upgrade will be available via the Mac App Store. Now to see how the servers bear up under the strain! ;) Although I'm curious to play with the new OS, I'm...
  5. bbloke

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, everyone! :) (Only a few minutes left of Christmas Day in the UK...) Any new toys to keep you all out of mischief?
  6. bbloke

    Xserve to be discontinued

    Did anyone else notice Apple's move away from the Xserve? Apple will not be developing a future version of the Xserve; customers will be able to buy one only up to the end of January, 2011. After that they will be told to buy a...
  7. bbloke

    Apple Store is down (Feb. 9th)

    The Apple Store seems to be down. New MacBook Pros, perhaps?
  8. bbloke

    Steve Ballmer mosaic

    The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs has posted a picture provided by one of its readers: an image of Steve Ballmer which was created using a mosaic of Windows crash screens...
  9. bbloke

    Question Time

    Sooooo, did any Brits here watch the controversial episode of Question Time? If so, what did you think? (Also: the Question Time site.)
  10. bbloke

    Apple Store is down

    The UK and US Apple Stores are currently down. New Mac minis and iMacs on the way, perhaps?
  11. bbloke

    Omni Group's free software

    Omni Group have now made some of their products free downloads. These include: OmniWeb 5.9, OmniDazzle 1.1, and OmniDiskSweeper 1.7. It also appears that OmniObjectMeter 2.6 and OmniDictionary 2.0.4 are free too, although I'm not sure if they were previously free anyway.
  12. bbloke

    BBC's iPlayer

    The BBC has published an article which states "BBC iPlayer now available on Mac." After a long wait, it seems the BBC is finally catering for Mac and Linux users... Mind you, the DRM remains controversial and some will find the BBC's relationship with Microsoft to be perhaps a little too cosy.
  13. bbloke

    Black Friday sale

    For those who are not aware already, Apple are having a one day sale (November 28th). Discounts can be obtained both through the online store and through their physical stores. Those who can get access to educational discounts will find that they cannot add the discounts, unfortunately. The...
  14. bbloke

    DRM-free tracks on iTunes soon?

    There has been recent speculation that Apple is about to provide more DRM-free tracks through the iTunes Store, particularly as DRM-free tracks by Warner, Universal, and SonyBMG have apparently been spotted. I went to have a look at the iTunes Store just now but the iTunes Plus link is missing...
  15. bbloke

    Safari 3.2

    Apple has released Safari 3.2, with the main changes relating to security enhancements. Apple mentions "protection from fraudulent phishing websites" (so it only allows access to genuine phishing sites? ;) ) and "better identification of online businesses." More information about the...
  16. bbloke

    Apple takes stance on Proposition 8

    I just noticed this on Apple's Hot News page: It's not often that I've seen companies publicly state their views on civil liberties issues!
  17. bbloke

    Microsoft's publicity created using Macs?

    Microsoft have been unceremoniously abandoning their ($300 million) ads with Seinfeld and moving towards spoofs of Apple's ads. A user on Flickr claims to have evidence that photos on Microsoft's site were created with the aid of Macs, and the story is carried on RoughlyDrafted Magazine...
  18. bbloke

    VMware Fusion 2.0 released

    VMware have now released Fusion 2.0 for OS X. I'm impressed to read that 2.0 will be a free upgrade to all 1.x users. :) The release notes list the new additions, which include:
  19. bbloke

    10.5.5 released

    Apple has released OS X 10.5.5. The Combo Update weighs in at 601 MB. I'd be interested to know if any of the "extensive graphics enhancements" relate specifically to issues with NVIDIA cards in the MacBook Pro range...
  20. bbloke

    MacBook Pro NVIDIA graphic cards

    There's been increasing talk of problems with NVIDIA's G84 and G86 graphic cards (e.g. GeForce 8600M GT). It's been said that these graphic cards have a much higher than average failure rate. (I should also acknowledge here that nixgeek has mentioned this topic in another thread. :))...