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  1. Whitehill

    How much space remains on external drive?

    I have been playing with hanging a USB external drive on my iPad Pro (Lightning) via a camera adapter. It works - using a powered USB hub. I can copy files to/from it with the Files App. What I haven’t discovered yet is, how much space remains on my external drive?
  2. Whitehill

    USB-C hub dongle with iPad Pro 1st gen

    I see on Amazon several USB-C hubs for 2018 iPad Pro. I have an iPad Pro 1st gen. 2016? Do these things work on mine using a Lightning to USB-C adapter? Yes, I am running IOS 13. This relates to my other thread about moving from Mac to iPad. I could use something now, but it would be nice...
  3. Whitehill

    Moving from Mac to iPad

    I am beginning the inevitable (to me) transition from Mac to iPad. I have been retired for several years and, although I did some consulting, I do not anticipate that continuing. So, why do I need my aging iMac? The list of reasons is short. I have used Banktivity (formerly iBank) for...
  4. Whitehill

    Convert data disk to startup disk

    I have a backup disk from Mojave that, unintentionally, is NOT a startup disk. When I look at the contents via Finder, the structure looks the same as any “system” disk, but it’s missing some magic, files or formatting, that allows it to be seen by the startup manager (preference or option...
  5. Whitehill

    Mail rule to redirect iCloud message

    I want to redirect all mail from a particular sender to my iCloud address to another address. A rule is easy to compose, using the action 'redirect'. So far, so good. However ... When I receive a mail from the sender, the rule tries to act but fails, saying I can't redirect because I don't...
  6. Whitehill

    Disk Utility (Mojave) shows ancient disk images

    I opened Disk Utility for other reasons and noticed, not for the 1st time, that in the left panel, under the real devices, it lists every (seemingly) disk image I have mounted since the beginning of time. Why are these there? After I eject a DMG, does something linger forever and is it...
  7. Whitehill

    32 bit applications

    I have received a few warnings that no 32 bit apps will run at all under Catalina; and help to find such things via the System Report. When I get the list in System Report, I can’t find a way to print just the 32 bit section. No matter how I sort it, it wants to do the full list which, on my...
  8. Whitehill

    Cheap, simple WiFi broadcaster

    I have an old Apple Time Capsule. The internal disk went toes-up a long time ago and, since then, its only function has been to broadcast a WiFi network. It’s only a matter of time (short) before that expires. I have an even older Airport Extreme which the current Airport Utility refuses to...
  9. Whitehill

    Texting on iPad thru iPhone

    I want to read & write text messages on my iPad, using my beloved bluetooth keyboard, but accessing the text facility on my iPhone. To put it another way, use the iPad as a remote control for the iPhone. Is there an app for that? I found one called AirDroid for doing just that with an Android...
  10. Whitehill

    DIY external storage

    About a year ago, I spent a lot of $$ with a service to recover data from a dead-ish external USB drive. I generally buy Seagate or WD and want to retire them after 2 years or so. Too short? Too long? I’m considering rolling my own, so this is to solicit recommendations for bare drives...
  11. Whitehill

    Can’t change Safari homepage.

    My wife complained to me that when she opens a new Safari page (on her iMac running 10.13.6), instead of the expected Google search page, now she always gets I looked in Safari’s preferences and, sure enough, the homepage is set to Apple. When I try to change it, after I click away...
  12. Whitehill

    Please expel kailyboond7

    Thank you.
  13. Whitehill

    External drive duplicator

    For the first time (perhaps I'm very lucky) one of my external drives has failed. No problems leading up to it; one day OK, next day a brick. One partition was for Time Machine backups. If that was all, I would cross my fingers, replace it with a new drive, and start from scratch. But ...
  14. Whitehill

    ‘virtual’ replacement for home button

    The home button on my iPad Pro (new 7/2016) has become undependable. Since I use a smart keyboard, I try to use cmd-H as much as possible, but it doesn’t work everywhere. When I’m away from the keyboard, I’m SOL. Is there any way to define a keystroke / screen tap combo as a virtual home button?
  15. Whitehill

    Firewall For Windows Machine On My Network

    I have all Apple equipment on a network behind an Apple Extreme router in DHCP+NAT mode. We are reasonably prudent about which websites we visit and which email links to click. Now on the scene is a friend with a Dell laptop running some flavor of Windows. You can probably guess where I'm...
  16. Whitehill

    Dead 10.5.8 Machine, Good Time Machine Backup Disk

    How can I migrate user files to my iMac running 10.12.6? Migration Assistant says it's too old and refuses to use it.
  17. Whitehill

    Watchdog Daemon Runs Wild On Halloween.

    Maybe before today. Anyhow, the console is full of stuff like below. This is from the wife's iMac (20" Early 2009) running 10.11.6. Other than its age, what else should I investigate? 10/31/16 8:24:19.313 AM watchdogd[691]: [watchdog_daemon] @( wd_watchdog_open) - IOIteratorNext failed...
  18. Whitehill

    Panic Restart

    I installed 10.11.6 on 7/19. This is the 2nd one of these panics since then. Any ideas? I have heard that configd can sometimes run wild, and I would happily kill it, but I'm generally not around at 11:30pm. Anonymous UUID: 16D1F1A9-8E26-EF34-2DEE-E339341D88BD Mon Aug 1 23:33:50 2016...
  19. Whitehill

    Slapd, Etc

    For a while now, my system has been brought to its knees. The console shows zillions of messages like these: 6/30/16 9:09:07.055 AM[1]: (org.openldap.slapd[1970]) Service exited with abnormal code: 1 6/30/16 9:09:07.055 AM[1]: (org.openldap.slapd)...
  20. Whitehill

    Ssh Bombardment

    A couple of weeks ago, as an experiment, I opened port 22 on my router and turned on remote login on my iMac. It worked great. From an external system, I could ssh to my Mac. Just what I hoped for. So I left things like that. A couple days later, my Mac was really unresponsive. Looking at...