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  1. Xaemyl


    Greets. How would I hack the system to make the ZoomRects twirl, ala Kaleidoscope? Thanks in advance.
  2. Xaemyl

    Application Icon in Menu bar ...

    This may seem like a stupid question (heh), but how do you make the application menu from text to an icon? For example: screengrabs with "Grab" in the application menu next to the apple menu instead of the icon for the program ... Thanks in advance! I cant seem to find this anywhere! - X
  3. Xaemyl


    I was wondering if there is a software package like GKrellM for OS X, and if not, does anyone have any plans to port it? Thanks!
  4. Xaemyl

    Themes ...

    Now, I know no one has yet build a theme thingie for OSX (or am I completely misinformed?) I heard that Kaleidoscope may be ported to OSX. What I was wondering is would it be possible to get into the resources of the widgets, window borders, etc. and create your own theme from scratch, by hand...
  5. Xaemyl

    OSX Unicode ...

    When you access the UNICODE keyboard (how to you make it the default, BTW?), does it work in the shell as well? I come from a Solaris background, and I can use such characters as: Þ, þ, ð, Ð, ý, etc. on the command line using the "Compose" key. Cant wait to get a Mac with OS X on it. Then I...
  6. Xaemyl

    Themes ...

    I would love to see something similar to the Enlightenment theme Blue Steel for MOSX. This is the coolest theme I've ever seen, and have it installed on My Solaris box @ home.
  7. Xaemyl

    xmms for MOSX?

    Hehhe ... the icon has nothing to do with the subject matter of My message. It's just a spiff icon. Now, what I was wondering is if anyone has plans to port the awesome XMMS [X MultiMedia System] to MOSX. Thanks.