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    Capturing a DV signal from many computers

    I have made several Google and macosx-searches for an answer to this. Many Firewire docs point out that "Within the 1394 bus, each node acts as a repeater between nodes and simulates a logically joined bus. It also allows multiple computers to share a given peripheral without any special...
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    European satellite coordinates for MW?

    Does anyone know the European satellite data to get the MW Expo broadcast? The various websites only mention USA satellites... Thanks in advance, dani++
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    Any word on QuickTime 6.1 yet?

    I am currently finishing a project that involves a whole bunch of PCs capturing DV streams to AVI and then editing them in QT6. Yeah, I would like to migrate all our corporate IT strategy to Mac, but sadly that won't happen any time soon. All is running perfectly until the .AVI files exceed...
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    Using international keyboards under XDarwin!

    Hey, I have had this problem for so long... It seems keyboard mapping support for international keyboards is incomplete and/or unsupported in XDarwin. Myself, I use a ISO Spanish keyboard (works perfect with the ISO selection in OSX) that fails to work on XDarwin. Seesh, one has to manage...
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    Super COOL 'cat' extension

    Check out, there is a really cool 'cat' hack!!! Compile or download it and append: to .login Enjoy!!! To be fair, I saw this trick on first. But it is rather cool!!! dani++ [other useful stuff: issuing a make; echo 'make done'| cat -a would...
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    Core Perl6 team moved to MacOSX?

    Hey, Tim O'Reilly and co., on the invitation to the O'Reilly OSXCON[] says that "Almost all of the Perl 6 core team has switched to Mac OS X". That particular statement is of significance to me, perl is a strong code word in the UNIX and Web app development world. Does...
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    iMovie Applescriptable?

    Hey, I am using Applescript to control various tasks, and I am specifically looking for some Applescriptable app or QT stuff that automatically detecs frame changes. As far as I know (I really haven't used it much), the iMove app does detect frame (scene) changes automatically. I openend...
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    COOL: print random calendar quote on startup!!!

    Hi, shell code snippet, place on '.login' file and enjoy!!! Cool! As random engine I use 'jot', but a better engine could be used. Some calendars do not have quotes for all days, so sometimes no quote is shown, you could easily extend it to do a loop until some quote is actually shown...
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    Processes network usage

    Does anyone know of a flag to tell netstat or some other program to get what processes are using the network and their activity? My network usage monitor is showing download activity all the time and I do not know what is causing it. Thanks in advance. dani++
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    Pure Data Music soft (Tcl/Tk)

    Has anyone used the 'Pure Data' music UNIX software yet? It seems to be a powerful (and complex) piece of software. It seems to use the Tcl/Tk framework (and the latest Apple-developed one, not the one shipped with OSX) and I can't seem to figure it out. I'm spoiled by Fink =) TIA, dani++
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    What about Media Cleaner OSX support?

    I am really looking into this. Any word of when (if) will it be available? It's a really good app and it forces me to go into classic (the only one now for me). dani++
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    european keynote satellite coordinates

    Does anyone know the satellite coordinates of the keynote? For an european satellite, as I've only found coords for USA satellites... We've managed to watch past keynotes on satellite before, but this time I can't seem to find the info. Thanks in advance. dani++
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    Latest QuickTimeStreaming public seed password?

    I've just downloaded and installed the latest public seed of QT Streaming server. It seems to run ok, but I can't go past the administration login window. What is the default username and password? I've tried to use normal system accounts and passwords to no avail. I've tried to edit out the...
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    non-USA XFree86 keymappings

    How does one change the keymapping on XonX? I am trying to use a Spanish keyboard that otherwise works flawlessly but trying to set the keymap to 'Espanol.keymapping does not even come close to recognizing the keys. I suppose this happens to any non-USA keyboard as well. thanx in...
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    Fink and no X11

    I'm just compiling/installing Fink on my MacOS X machine. I would like to give it a try to compile some packages (bash and some others...), as I read on the docs, Fink is a system closely related to X11. My problem is that I really have no intention of installing X11 on my machine, can I...
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    Uh, oh. SVG viewer from Adove for 10.1?

    Check out: <br>Huh... a typo? Wait! It must be that 10.1 is already out! =) <p> dani++
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    GNU-Darwin ports not working?

    I've installed the GNU-Darwin ports system following the instructions and aside from some quirks it all seemed to install ok. However, whenever I try to 'make' anything the makefile in question gives me plenty of syntax errors. Specially on directives like '.if' and '.include', their syntax...
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    BEA on MacOS X!?!

    Hey, has anybody had any luck running BEA Weblogic on MacOS X? In theory it's a 100% java server but it's huge! I am diving into Enterprise App development on a company I am doing consulting work and would love to do development on an iBook. This would lend a lot of credibility and...
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    Any info on WWDC?

    Does anybody know of some URLs giving coverage of WWDC? I already know of the good folks at but I am looking for more info, specially on WebObjects 5. I am currently developing on MacOS X Server using WO 4.5 and I'd like to upgrade to WO5 + MacOS X ASAP. dani++
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    Carbon apps dying!

    The carbon apps on my oft-used MacOS X box are dying. First MS InternetExplorer ceased working, then iCab and StuffIt Expander. They just don\'t start up. Using the dock or accessing directly produces the same results. The app begins starting, appears briefly on the dock and then dies...