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  1. michaelsanford

    ssh closes unexpectedly, but why?

    I have public key authentication enabled, and it has worked on thousands of previous tries. I think I may have upgraded something on my slackware machine (target host) that buggered it, though the configuration files are untouched. Here's the debug output when trying to connect localhost:~...
  2. michaelsanford

    iTunes won't pop to the top of the window stack when activated?

    After the latest iTunes (8.0.2) and Mac OS X (10.5.6) updates, the main iTunes window will no longer pop to the top of the window stack when iTunes is selected with Command-Tab, though the menubar does change and I can interact with the app via the usual keyboard shortcuts. Is anyone else...
  3. michaelsanford

    French layout—Microsoft Natural 4000?

    I've just bought a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, in French, in Canada (i.e., QWERTY, not AZERTY). 105 keys. However, none of the key layouts in Leopard's International prefpane represent the keys labelled on the keyboard correctly! (Yes, even the "Canadian French—Microsoft"). For...
  4. michaelsanford

    Persistent missing system folder at boot (iMac TFT, 10.4)

    I've got an iMac TFT 70 MHz running 10.4.11 (8S165). I leave the Tiger install DVD in the machine at all times, just in case. I left it alone, running, and came back to find the (stock Apple) screen saver active (normal). When I moved the cursor to invoke the password dialogue, no dialogue...
  5. michaelsanford

    Are apps locked like iTunes purchased music?

    Oddly, I didn't find anything good in any searches. If I buy an iPhone/iPod Touch application, will/can/might it be locked like iTunes Protected downloads, or is that taken care of with the "you can only sync the iPod with one computer" barrier? Thanks!
  6. michaelsanford

    Anyone else's X11 die?

    I click on and nothing happens. I get this in Console: 26/08/08 2:15:41 PM[122] (org.x.X11[3481]) Exited with exit code: 4 26/08/08 2:15:41 PM[122] (org.x.X11) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds 26/08/08 2:15:51 PM org.x.X11[3482]...
  7. michaelsanford and iPhone dev broken?

    If only this were ironic :rolleyes:
  8. michaelsanford

    Why would ARD half work (VNC but no advanced features)?

    I've got a remote terminal which (claims to have) forwarded ports TCP and UDP 5900 and 3283 to the MacOS X 10.5.4 machine, which has run the custom Remote Desktop Installer I made. My user was created just fine, and I can log in without difficulty over VNC (aka Screen Sharing) only, but nothing...
  9. michaelsanford

    Aperture 2 and RAW+JPEG camera modes (need advice)

    I'm shooting with a Canon EOS 20D and importing into Aperture 2 (which I love!) The EOS 20D has the ability to shoot in RAW+JPEG in the "Creative Zone" modes (i.e., P, Tv, Av, M and A-DEP). The quality of the JPEG image can be independently modified in the range S-coarse to L-fine. Since...
  10. michaelsanford

    Force ntp-based update of system clock in shell

    My battery's dead and upon resetting the PMU, or unplugging my iBook from the wall, the system clock resets. For some silly reason, getting the latest time from the system-configured ntp server doesn't happen at boot. How do I force ntp update on boot? I can assume that I'm plugged into...
  11. michaelsanford

    Don't you hate it when (Time Machine)

    Don't you hate it when a Time Machine incremental backup takes so long, over an hour in fact, that it starts the next backup immediately after ending the previous backup? I need a new machine. :mad:
  12. michaelsanford

    Git yer 10.5.4 (9E17)

    Get your 10.5.4 while it's hot! Just wanted to, maybe, be the first, for once, to mention one of these :) I installed via terminal, so I don't have the changelog. I'll look for it and post it. Update: I can't find a changelog anywhere, it seems I got to it even before Google, and before Apple...
  13. michaelsanford

    Wifi: boon or bust?

    This is actually, if unbelievably, a serious question: have you had, all things considered, a good, or a bad experience with wireless networking, taking into account any aspects you like? (Only mods can make polls?)
  14. michaelsanford

    New car, w00t

    Here's the skinny on my tumblr log. This vehicle replaces my beloved '99 Hyundai Sonata GL V6, the "GNU" bumper sticker of which is currently (and probably always will be) my avatar on this forum. I just...
  15. michaelsanford

    Dumb down logging level of Finder?

    I was just looking through my console logs, and to my horror, Finder logs almost everything you do! It even logs "creating thumbnail for ..." which, in a folder full of folders full of images, gets a little insane. It's a total waste of resources. Is there a way I can dumb down Finder's loglevel?
  16. michaelsanford

    BlackBerry Curve as modem?

    Has anyone tried the BlackBerry Curve™ as a modem for any Apple computer? Sharing hearsay is great, too! FYI I'd be using it on the Rogers Canadian wireless network (EDGE). I'm looking at the 8310 in particular, but any Curve comments are welcome.
  17. michaelsanford

    Odd daisy chaining!

    In a last ditch attempt to fix my Leopard install issue, I was going to connect my iMac TFT to my PowerBook G4 via firewire target disk mode, and see if, by chance, it would also mount the Install DVD in the iMac's tray (of course it doesn't). What is does do, though, is create a firewire...
  18. michaelsanford

    PowerBook G4 DVD drive issue installing Leopard

    I'm installing Leopard on my stepsister's PowerBook G4 (I am booting and can't acquire any more hardware details at the moment) but am encountering a problem. After a drop or two in its history, the DVD drive seems to be seeking back and forth forever. It's been at the purple boot screen for...
  19. michaelsanford

    Inheritance of `nice`?

    I make very frequent use of nice values. I was wondering how nice is inherited through subsequent processes, though. Given nice open /Applications/ I understand that this will call `open` with a nice value > 0, but will it ALSO call Firefox with a nice value > 0? What about...
  20. michaelsanford

    What is your current highest PID?

    Another frivolous but potentially interesting thread: your current highest process-ID. I got the idea for this one day when I was amazed to see very high PIDs on my iBook, which I restart rather often. I can only imagine those with Mac Pros or XServes who don't reboot for months at a time...