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    Toast cutting file name off to 21 Charactors

    After spending alot of time renaming files with full file names, and then naming the CD with a long file name, I hit record and at the select record speed Toast has cut the file names short. So I canceled the burn. I dumped the preferences same thing. Any ideas? I know it iwll record long...
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    here's how to get PHP working after upgrading to 10.2.4

    I thought I might as well post to this forum, since this is related to news. After I upgraded to 10.2.4, Apache broke, and also php.I have written an article on how to restore PHP in 10.2.4
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    How do I turn on Sendmail on Mac OS X Server 10.1 for out going only?

    I have a site on a Mac OS X Server 10.1, and have PHP scripts that need to send mail via sendmail. This server I am on is only for Web, since there is a seperate Mac OS X Server for Mail only. I went into the Server Admin app (remotely since actual server is thousands of miles away :) )...
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    Looking for Writers for my site

    Hey all, I run and am looking for volunteer writers. If you are interested in writing about the Macintosh, or have always wanted to write, go to the site and click on the link for contacting macwrite about becoming a writer, or post here and ask any questions.
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    2 Reviews of iTunes 2 with lots of Pictures

    Check these 2 articles out with lots of pictures of iTunes Mac OS X iTunes 2 (with Pictures) and Mac OS X iTunes 2 Revealed (with Pictures)
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    MySQL and Sendmail @system startup HELP

    I used a package installer (Which prevented UltraBaord Standard Edition form installing, but all other MySQL stuff works on other forums). I then used the building MySQL/Apache/PHP @ Dev shed to do the MySQL user setup, and also to do the startup scripts. MySQL works, except that it...
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    MacNN forums still down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MacNN forums are still down. UBB (Ultimate Bulliten Board) is a very poor designed app. vBulliten Board ROCKS!!!!! Thats why I bought vBulliten Board for my site. is the best Mac OS X related forums. Also do check out my forums also running on vBulliten Board...
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    Should I get a Radeon for my Beige?

    I have the dreaded (or is ita good card?) ATI Rage II+ 2mb vram in my Beige G3 MT Rev A. I run at 1152x870 and on 2MB vram is ok. what preformance change would I see by going to a Radeon Mac or Radeon VE with 32MB vram? has anyone done this upgrade on a Beige G3 and what was the prefornace...
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    Heres how to get apache with php working without editing the httpd.conf file

    check this article out. it makes getting apache with php working so simple. and you won't even need to edit the httpd.conf file or move the php.ini file!!!
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    Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Webserving machine (apache, PHP, MySQL)

    I am writing a series on 'Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine" this will help everyone compile the latest apache, install php, and mysql, activate ssi, and cgi, and read the httpd.conf file and more. it also will show you how to compile php without needing to move that php...
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    Here's how to get SSI and CGI working with apache and Mac OS X PB

    I have written a column detailing how to get SSI and CGI running under OS X B with apache goto.
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    New Mac OS X Column Series Debuts

    I just thought you all might want to know about a new column series devoted to Mac OS X . Today on Mac Write "The Undiscovered Country" Debuts. check it out at
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    CGI returns Internal Error

    I am trying out the free UltimateBB and when I use the hello.cgi test CGI, I get "Internal Error". you can see it at the permissions are set to 755 and when I check the error log, this is what I get. [Sun Oct 15 21:50:25 2000] [error] [client...