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    Allright, I can't find any documentation on this so I thought I'd ask you guys. I need to authenticate my application so I can edit files with root (I need superuser status). I know this involves setuid somehow. What I would really like to do is use an authentication dialog (like in system...
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    new hardware

    866 as the high end or 1ghz as the high end!?!?!?! gimme gimme gimme, my savings account is waiting anxiously.
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    Pre OS 9 Suppot? might wanna check that.
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    Apple buying PPC assets?

    Did everyone see that update over at MacOS rumors? What do you guys think about this? Seems to me that Apple is getting VERY control hungry. Might be good tho....
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    Poll: new PowerMacs?

    Do you think Apple will release new PowerMacs before MacWorld in July?
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    Single Link Multihoming

    Has anyone succesfully configured a single-link multihoming setup with Mac OS X 10.0? I couldn't get the system to respond on any address besides the main IP. This appears to be a problem with Apple's Network control panel, because I easily got it working using the command line programs...
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    Dual 733

    If they come out in April/May, I'm shelling out the dough! How 'bout you guys?
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    how to login as console?

    I am trying to install the Asante ethernet drivers for Mac OS X and i cannot access the extensions directory. I try to su to root and it does not accept my password! So I was thinking I could do this from the console, how do I login into the console? Thanks for any help. --Zach