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    Determine OSX version from Time Machine backup

    I have Time Machine backups going back several years. Is there a way while browsing backups to determine which version was running?
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    Time Machine is renaming folders on my backup disk

    I'm using an external 2TB drive that had a backup on it from 2017, to back up a couple of current Macs. The first backup goes without a hitch. But after moving backup drive to another machine and backing it up, it changes the folder name for the previous backup and adds the backup to it's...
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    Recalibrating more than one battery

    I've recalibrated my battery each month since purchasing my MacBook Pro to keep the battery as fresh as possible. Run the battery down till it goes to sleep, wait 5 hours and then recharge it to 100%. I understand that there is a circuit that tracks battery health for the System Profiler...
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    MacBook can't connect to some WiFi

    I've had trouble recently connecting to WiFi routers that are redirecting to a login page. A library will send your browser to a page with their terms and conditions. You click that you understand and you are on. All the Dells and HPs are connecting without trouble but my MacBook stumbles...
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    My Mac can't see the hard drive

    I need to install Windows on a 3.5 inch SATA drive but the only SATA machine I have is my MacBook Pro. I disconnected my internal laptop drive and connected to the larger drive. I booted from the Windows DVD but the install program could not see the drive. It could however see an...
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    Editing ISO files

    I've downloaded a Linux Distro known as a Live DVD in ISO format. I want to burn this to a DVD for future use but would like to change what is in the ISO before burning. There are several files that I would like included so I won't have to have a second CD/DVD later. DiskImageMounter does...
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    Reading and interpreting boot messages

    I'm new to macs and OSX and would like to learn more about what's going on at bootup and tweak a bit. I've turned on verbose bootup but the messages aren't on screen long enough to be useful. I've found dmesg but it seems to have so little of the display. How can I review what is...
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    Mounting WinXP drive as Read Only

    I'm purchasing one of those handy eSATA external docking stations so I can access data on old Windows drives. I'm concerned about not corrupting data from the drives and wonder if there is a risk of OSX writing to them. Do I need to mount the drive manually from the terminal command line to...
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    Software to capture image of long web pages

    I'd like to capture the screen of web sites that exceed the view port of my monitor (similiar to what this Windows product does ). I've purchased Jing but it won't do it. Are there any other applications available for Snow Leopard? Now I am using Jing...
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    Hardware firewall while on the road

    I travel with a MacBookPro and have taken all the obvious steps to secure my box. I have an unused wireless router (WRT54GL v1.1) that I would love to take with me and add another layer to my armor. I've reflashed it to WW-DRT and understand that I can run the router as a client. Rabbit...
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    Unable to tile my Wallpaper

    After recent upgrade to Snow Leopard, my wallpaper went from being tiled to being stretched. I went to the "Desktop & Screensaver" preferences and the familiar drop down box is missing. Tried several other images and they behave the same. Anybody know if this is a bug with Snow Leopard...