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  1. Tounzer

    Do you miss your childhood?

    Sometimes yes. I'm study in university now and it is quite difficult for me. There are so many different assignments in this semester. I even sometimes use help from special writing service homework-help-online to solve difficult assignments. Quite helpful thing for students!
  2. Tounzer


    I agree that it is very risky. I forgot about such things, there are many other ways for investing. Now I don't think about this. Sometimes I can play games on for relax and fun. It is enough for me!
  3. Tounzer

    Do you like to read?

    And how often do you order your works? I think it is not the best idea if you want to get real knowledge from your study. If you have some difficulties with subjects, you can always get help from online tutor, for example check is good, I had good experience with this service.
  4. Tounzer

    How do you relax?

    I prefer to stay at home and rest. I can watch movies, different TV shows, play PC games. Also I'm a fan of gambling, for example video slots are very cool way to have fun! By the way you can even play on mobile, for this purpose you shoud use some of these websites...
  5. Tounzer

    What is your hobby?

    Hi! Sometimes I like to travel, sometimes ride on bicycle. When I'm at home I like to watch different TV shows and movies. Also I'm a fan of beautiful women and I often rest with girls in Monaco, they are really great!