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    C++(CPP) Vs. Cocoa

    For develop cross-platform GUI programs, which API do you recommend? C#, QT, WxWidget, or something else?
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    [HOWTO] - Setup DHCPD (Server) on Mac OS X (Workstation)

    The startup script does not seem work properly for me. It is not a problem starting the script manually but even though it tries (i can see that on the startup screen) it is not started successfully.
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    [HOWTO] Reset User Password via single user mode

    You have to set the path in /usr/bin
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    Transfer old SMS from iphone 3g to iphone 4

    How to do if didn't have a iTunes back up before?
  5. M word association!

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    Which Mobile Phone Debuted In 2015 Mwc Do You Like Most?

    I bought an iPhone 6S, this is my answer
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    La Mer - Charles Trénet