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    Metacafe PRO for Mac

    Hi! Can anybody tell me is there a Metacafe PRO for Mac? I have found it for Windows only. Thanks in advance.
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    New promo from Macfriendly

    Hi! Just let you know about new bundle from Macfriendly
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    Sound/Voice Recording Software for OSX

    I am not sure that it's exactly what you are searching for, but you can try Audiocorder (
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    How to play MKV on Mac

    Thanks! I'll try it
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    How to play MKV on Mac

    Hi! Can you please tell me what app should I use to play MKV files on my Mac?
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    20 tips to help you work smarter with OS X

    Thanks for your great post. Very helpfull.
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    Download manager

    Hello! Can you please tell me from your experience what is the best download manager for Mac? I have found only tree downloaders: Speed Download5, Folx and Leech. It seems to me that Folx and Speed Download are the most powerful, but I am not sure. Please advise.
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    VersionTracker is no more!

    I dont like Cnet too. The only good catalog for Mac users is Macupdate only. I wish to have more Mac specialized catalogs :-)
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    Save videos from Vimeo

    I use Safari and OS X 10.5
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    Save videos from Vimeo

    Hi! Please tell me the best way to save video from Vimeo on my Mac. It will be great if I can do it for free :-)
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    Solution for AppleTV 2 Home Sharing Problems

    Thanks for your advice. I had the same problem