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    You can easily get ride of using a free program called TinkerTool to stop them from forming without code writing!
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    Forgot Mac Login Password

    Depends what version of Mac OS or Mac OS X are you running?The answer changing between the two versions? Read the Apple article Change or reset the password of a macOS user account!
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    VLAN questions

    Then learn to Terminal command man networksetup to code properly the network stack in Mac OS!
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    Keep crashing

    That’s is Kernel Trap! Your have a 32 bit driver installed or a DNS Trojan! Look at those two possibilitie!
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    Information a Mac owner could use

    Plus if you hold down the ‘Option’ Key while clicking the Finder’s Menu item shaped like a Wi-Fi icon to get the SSID connection speed of your Mac!
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    Important Announcement

    Goodbye Scott! I had fun coming here and say goodbye to this site over the years but I see this site is dying and it’s time to turn out the light!
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    Simple question: Are my downloaded iCloud Photos actually on my computer now?

    Have him/her disconnect the the I telnet and look if he can see the Photos!
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    HDMI Outputs!

    I‘m sorry I meant 2018 Mac Mini!
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    Anyone left?

    Do what I do wait for it until you’ve backup and don’t upgrade until .2 comes out! Plus 32 bit apps don’t Run anymore. Also make sure your main apps are updated for the new Mac OS, it usually takes time for developers to update for new version!
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    Porting Linux routing rule to macOS

    Learn the Mac OS network setup command! So run this in modern Mac:man networksetup
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    HDMI Outputs!

    I called it! The 2008 Mac Mini had 4 Thunderbolt ports with Display port hooked into all the ports!
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    Anyone left?

    Has everyone left? Seems awful dead in here lately! :(
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Romance is dead these days! Chris De Burgh - Lady in Red
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    ELO - Calling America
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    Budget Beach Holiday January/February

    I just saw some news like this: Tourist Death Count at Dominican Republic Resorts Rises. It seems many places hate Americans so much they want kill them!
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    What Is The Best Season To Travel?

    I liked waterfalls so my best time to see good ones is in the Spring just after the snow melt! :)
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Porno for Pyros - Meiga live
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    How to rename MacBook Pro (Currently "MacBook Pro (2)")!!

    Read the Apple Support Document “Change the name ..... should help you!
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    What are essential things to pack when traveling?

    Depends if I’m traveling by car, boat or overseas! One thing I can say as an American I say the roaming fees will kill your wallet! So I now buy phones in foreign countries anymore with pay phones that don’t break the bank!
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    Command line - change start up disk

    Just go into Terminal and manual Network Setup: