apple stuff giveaway


this isnt stuff for sale. Instead, I am trying to increase my board membership. In doing so, I will be giving away up to 3 items at the start of the new year. I hope to see many mac users come join my boards.

The rules:

1. to win, you must have 20 or more posts. Posters who make a majority of their posts with 1 or 2 word posts will not be eligible.

2. no substitution on prizes. 1 prize per person per household.

3. pays for USPS priority mail shipping.

4. No duplicate accounts to increase odds of winning. Duplicate accounts from 1 IP address will result in the banning of that IP and deletion of those user accounts in question.

5. reserves the right to add or modify rules.

6. Administrators/moderators of cannot win prizes.

7. Offer open to U.S. residents only.