Beige G3/300


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Okay... I'd rather just sell it online here than through eBay. eBay is a hassle if you ask me... so here it is...

Beige G3/300 MT, excellent condition, 128mb RAM, (2) 4gig SCSI drives, has (2) video connections for dual monitors, a USB Card (add-on), CDROM, Floppy, Keyboard & Mouse. Comes with original box and documentation. Keyboard is almost new, only used for a short-time, mouse is almost new as well. Will come with 9.2.1 & 10.1 installed.

Your Cost: $400 + Shipping (you choose method)

I accept Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

Here is the profile... if interested email me at

Report Created:10/3/01 at 10:43:10 PM

Software overview
Serial number: Not applicable
Mac OS overview
Finder: 9.1
System: 9.1 US
Active enabler: None
QuickTime: 4.1.2
CarbonLib: 1.1.1
File sharing: is on
Multiple Users: 1.3.1
The startup device has been chosen; however, Apple System Profiler
can't determine which SCSI Bus device it is.
Memory overview
Disk cache: 4096K
Virtual memory: is off
Built-in memory: 128 MB
Location Size Memory type
J3 128 MB DIMM
Video memory: 6 MB
Backside L2 cache: 1 MB
Hardware overview
Machine ID: 510
Model name: Power Macintosh G3 series
Keyboard type: Apple Extended Keyboard
Attributes: Audio card
Processor info: PowerPC G3
Machine speed: 300 MHz
Nanokernel version: 2.21
Nanokernel pool extends: 0
Nanokernel scheduled CPUs:1
Network overview
Ethernet built-in Link: n/a Speed: n/a Duplex: n/a
Open Transport
Installed: Yes
Active: Yes
Version: 2.7.4
Installed: Yes
Active: Yes
Version: 60
File sharing: is on
Default AppleTalk zone: Not available
Active network port(s): Ethernet built-in
This network: 65280
This node: 130
Router: <not available>
Hardware Address: 00.05.02.c1.85.43
Installed: Yes
Active: Yes
Version: 2.7.4
Personal Web Sharing: is off
USB Printer Sharing: Not running (v1.0.1)
IP address:
Default gateway address:
Name server address:
Production information
ROM revision: $77D.40F2
Serial number: Not applicable
Software bundle: Not applicable
Sales order number: Not applicable


I am looking for a stripped down Beige G3 tower. If this one happens to be a tower and you haven't gotten any takers yet I would be happy to make a deal on a completely stripped model.

I don't need any RAM or hard drives, processor card is optional, not looking for any peripherals besides a mouse and keyboard.

Let me know.