F/FS Vintage Mac equipment for sale/free!


FREE or for a tiny amount of money, I have the following vintage Mac equipment, peripherals and two old PCs (I can't bear to throw a Mac away, but I no longer have a spare room...). You'll have to pick them up yourself (I live in the easy-to-get-to East Midlands):

Computers (manuals available for some equipment):

Macintosh LC
various extras
FREE (no screen)

x2 Performa 5200 (built-in screen)
8mb RAM System 7.5.3
various extras

Power Macintosh 7200/90
AppleVision 750 17" AV display (built-in speakers)
various extras, voice control!

Powerbook 170
hard drive dead - needs attention, but nice vintage Mac laptop.

Postscript laser printers:

Apple Laserwriter 4/600
Postscript Level2 600DPI

Apple Personal LaserWriter NT
Postscript Level 1 300DPI

Inkjet printers:

x2 Apple portable colour Stylewriter 2200
£5 (boxed)
FREE (needs attention)

Epson Stylus Color 740 - USB/Apple serial
(needs new print head)

Epson Stylus Color 500 - SCSI/serial

ALPS MD2010 Dry Process colour Printer

A4 scanners:

Umax Vista S8 - SCSI/serial connections

2 Linotype-Hell Jade 1
quality scanners with excellent software
both excellent condition, one with transparency hood
£8 each
£12 each (with hood)

Windows (or Linux if you install it) PC computers

86040 Win95 with 14" screen
FREE (no screen or keyboard)

Pentium 1
FREE (no screen, CD drive or keyboard)

Miscellaneous stuff:

Quantum 1.2GB external hard drive (SCSI)
£9 (excellent condition)

Syquest vintage 44MB SCSI storage drive (with cartridges)
£4 (excellent condition)

Poweruser 44MB SCSI storage drive
FREE (cover a bit tatty)

Motorola 3400 Pro Online modem v.34 28.8 (with manuals)
FREE (cable missing)

Raster Ops NuBus video capture card
(for pre-PCI Macs like the si/ci)

Miscellaneous RAM for older Macs

Various software for older Macs with legal current licences - please enquire


SAMS Teach Yourself Mac OS 8.5 in 24 hours

The Official Quark XPress Handbook (version 3.1)
I would take ur Performa 5200 off your hands, but you live out of the US apparently, I dunno how much shipping would be.
only this is almost a year old. i'd be very surprised if he's still got this stuff. if he does, i'd want the nubus video capture card.