FS: 12" Powerbook G4 + extras..


Hi all,

I'm looking to sell my Powerbook, mainly because I don't travel enough and I realised I'd be better with a desktop. The system itself is in mint shape, the keyboard itself has never been touched (put on the silicon keyboard cover right away), no dead pixels. I have all the original packaging. The battery monitor lists as excellent condition holding 83% original charge which translates into still getting 3-4 hours use.

rough specs:

12" Powerbook
1.33 Ghz G4
768 MB RAM, upgradeable to: 1.25 GB
modem, 10/100 ethernet, 54 GB wireless, 2x USB, 1x firewire ports
64 MB video
60 GB hard drive
CD-RW/DVD drive
Panther (10.3.9)

I'd throw in any/all the following:


- iskin keyboard protector
- Radtech Screensaver screen protector/polishing cloth
- Roots laptop bag
- MS notebook mouse
- iLap cooling stand
- Apple Pro keyboard (I used it for setting the PB up as a 'desktop' with dual
- aluminium 'hard shell' carrying case
- Airport extreme card, brand new never used (seal broken only to
verify content)

That's $650 worth of extras including the RAM upgrade. I'd factory
wipe the system, setup user account(s) do all the OSX updates, install a full office suite so it's ready to fire up and use. I'll throw in Firewalk X 2 firewall (with licence). Provide a month+ of free tech support via e-mail and/or my remote support system through my IT business, I'm also a MacOSX tech ;).

I'd like to get around $1500 CDN for it, as I'll need to buy a replacement computer. Given all the extras is still a reasonable deal. I originally paid over $3000 CDN.

If you're interested or know anyone else who might be, drop me a line at: rick(dot)blythin(at)gmail(dot)com . I'm a PC tech by trade so all my family, friends, clients are Windows based. Excuse the text e-mail I get enough spam as it is :)

Rick Blythin

PS: I also have a Powerbook 5300ce as well. The AC plug has broken off, but should be a matter of soldering it back on. I never got around to repairing it, at the very least it would be a good parts computer. Apart from the plug, it appears in great shape.


Just an update:

I'd be willing to sell the Powerbook for $800-$900 CDN. Since shipping would cost a fair amount I'd only throw in the items that really won't cost anything extra to ship i.e the iskin and Radtech Screensaver. As well as doing all the software updates, free firewall & tech support etc.