FS: MacMini 1.25 Ghz "Never Opened"


Chic Not Geek
I bought MacMini and 15" Powerbook. I got addicted with Powerbook. I realized I have not open and use it. So I decided to sell it for $450.

Mac Mini (1 month old never open)
1.25GHz G4
40GB hard drive
256mb RAM
DVD Combo Drive
Connections - Connect your digital devices, such as cameras, iPod, printer, camcorder or keyboard to the Mac mini over USB 2.0 or FireWire. The Mac mini also features built-in 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet, a 56K v.92 fax modem, DVI/VGA port and an audio/headphone jack.
DVI/VGA adapter
Panther restore disks
iLife 05 and Classic
Also includes the new Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger upgrade DVD
Tiger boasts more than 200 new features, including Spotlight, the lightning-fast search tool that lets you find anything on your system as fast as you type, and Dashboard, the home to handy widgets that access timely information such as stock prices, weather and many other items of interest.
I never open Mac Min 1 Year Apple warranty
Photo is of actual Mac Mini. It NEW