How Can I Convert My Olm Files Into Pst Format?

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Hello world!

I'm in need here. I've switched to Windows Outlook from Outlook for Mac due to some official reasons. Now I want to access my OLM files in Windows Outlook. But Outlook which is used in Windows, doesn't support OLM file format. After doing a lot of R&D, I came to know that I need to convert my OLM files into PST format to open or access them in Windows Outlook. I searched a lot and found many third-party tools which can help me convert my OLM files into PST format. But I was looking for a freeware or a manual trick. Finally I found a blog post on N.Sem's Blog in which a manual trick is given. But I'm not sure that it would be helpful or not. I'm not that good in this.

I can share the blog post here.
How to Import OLM Data of Mac Outlook into Windows Outlook?

Please check it and let me know if that would be helpful for me or not.

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