How To Design A Homepage?


My "experience" shows that I don't know much about web design. But, I made a good decision to contact a small company (I already knew the owner) that specializes in web design.
All I needed was some way to make my home page more usable and useful to others. I got some ideas on how to proceed, and paid some money for that information, They didn't do anything on the site except give me some good ideas. I paid about $200 for their time. Your own experience may be different.
I think a good way to start -- decide what you need on your site.
You need to ask yourself a few simple questions: Do you already have a website?
If not, what do you need your site to offer? Will you be providing your site for showing off what you have, or will you be attempting to make money by selling merchandise, or offering services of some kind, even if free.
Will you be providing access on your site for selling either software, or hardware, or other kinds of merchandise? That will quickly decide for you that you need to be really focused on security, and also on the best methods to both present your merchandise (even if is simply viewing pictures), and to have a means to receive payments.
If you are looking for free help, don't expect to get very much, so an important part is deciding what your budget will be for your website. Again, talking to a webdesign firm is a great place to start. They can help you with local needs, or with how to expand your internet presence, if that's what you need.

If you don't know anything about the process, then a few little tips aren't going to help you much.
Contact a local webdesign firm. Even your own internet supplier (whoever that might be) can be a helpful source for that kind of knowledge.


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I am looking for any tips, examples etc. Share your experience, please :)
Make sure you first get a business account because most Home ISPs actively block home server out to the Internet! So you best thing to do is creat what they cal a WIKI to advance you web building skills!