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We all know we should make backups of our data. If you use Time Machine to backup your data, you may feel great knowing your data is always backed up, in the event, you lose your hard drive or delete something you shouldn't. But, what if you lost both drives, at the same time. Then what?

I am a constant encourager or backups. I run CrashPlan on my machine that backups my machine 24/7 off-site in the event of catastrophic loss of both data and local backup. I also run Time Machine, to make restoring machines fast and easy when I need to do that. I've never faced a catastrophic data loss ever, be it with my own data or website. Without this ever happening to you, you become complacent.

Yesterday, the server is hosted on, experienced a failure of the power supply, which initiated the failure of two hard drives. The database drive and the backup drive. If only one of those drives had failed, I would not have to be posting this message. Offsite backups were periodic at best.

Thus, I had to resort to a backup from May 23, 2017. So any new members in that time frame and new posts/threads between May 23 - Oct 21, 2017, have been lost.

Let this be a lesson for all, to make sure that you not only have a backup of your backup drive, but that your backup of your backup drive is current and is stored offsite. Tornado, Fire, Flood, Theft, or even a massive power surge, can render you at a loss.