Is it safe visiting Ireland?


Is it safe visiting Ireland (the Republic) as a British person from England or am I likely to face hostility?


The Irish are lovely and very friendly. When I was visiting Dublin there were zero issues. But you are right, it's important to know everything about the place you are going to visit, in order to avoid troubles. I can suggest a list of travel forums, maybe there you get to find all the answers
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Depends on when you plan to visit. You need to watch the news reports - especially on the topic of Brexit. You don't want to be caught in an uprising.


I am British and lived in the Republic of Ireland for four years. I never met any hostility at all, just a warm welcome. The only thing I found was that very few Irish understood the difference between England and Britain. When I explained to people that I am Welsh, not English they would look at me as though I had announced I was from Mars.