Looking for Software


I am completely new to the Mac world. I have been using PC all my life. I am getting into the Mac thing but I have no software. I am looking for people to trade with. I have plenty of PC Software to trade as well as the following. Over 350 DVD’s, and 1000+ CD’s. If anyone is interested in setting up a trade with me let me know and I will send you a list of all my titles. If you need references I can send them to you. Thanks.


MAC Software I am interested in:

Anything Adobe (i.e. Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator, Font Folio etc…) Newer Versions
Microsoft Office
OSX Panther
Macromedia MX (anything from there, Flash etc…)
Plug Ins for Software

I am open to other titles as well. These are just the ones I could think off of the top of my head. Let me know.


Sorry, but we only do legit stuff at this site. It says so in the site rules. I'm sure some moderator will soon come by to spank you... unless you enjoy that sort of thing. lol :D

EDIT: And in the time I took to type that, Dlatu posted that. figrues.


No to get in the way of the mods, but AFAIK this is legit: they exchange CD's under the right of first sale. It would be different if he had asked where to "acquire" them. Selling second hand software is legal, and so is trading.


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ah, but buying and selling and trading belongs in the classifieds and thus this thread is now here. ;)