MySQL database on web host

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I manage a non-profit web site for a district in Little League. We use a MySQL datase (actually more than one) to manage a number of issues, including some game schedules and resutls. Unfortunately the web host service we are currently using prevents access to the MySQL databases from our own desktops - we can only access them using their admin panels, PHP pages and their instance of PHPMyAdmin.

We did find a tool called SQLlyog for Windows that includes a facility for remote access by placing a special PHP file on the hosted site. This file basically contains a series of functions and their client app is able to send and received SQL commands and data via HTTP calls to that file/page.

One of my larger problems is being able to capture a copy of the productions database and load it locally for testing. The PHPMyAdmin tool produces a script to recreate the database, but it seems to ignore FOREIGN KEY contraints and dumps the tables in alphabetical order. This means the script cannot be used as is to recreate the database locally.

Does anyone know of a tool like SysLyog for MacOS X? Or another facility that might permit desktop applications on a Mac or PC to access MySQL databases on web hosts that prevent direct access?


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Do you have SSH access to the server? Perhaps you can use a SSH Tunnel to get access to the mysql database.

The end result, you simply want a dump of the production database to manage it locally? That would be satisfactory over having direct connection to it through Sequel Pro or some other mysql app on your Mac?
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