Open Url From Shell Script In Current Window & Bypass The Url

Discussion in 'Apple Scripts' started by Florian Maier, Jun 20, 2017.

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    i am new here to the forum and also new on apple scripting..

    i try to figure out how to make an apple script app to open websites in a Browser Window over the command line shell...

    I want to describe my Need:

    Its about presentation issues...:

    on a presentation i need to use 3 Computer ( better to say :"3 different screens with different information on it"
    So I have 3 Computers ( 2 with TFT Screen and 1 for Beamer output) for the presentation.

    The first Computer with TFT Screen is for the Speaker and the screen provides specific Information of an Objekt.
    (This Screen is only for the visual output. No one is working on that computer with mouse or keyboard!)

    The second computer is the BEAMER...( also only for visual output).. to show the picture of the actual object on the wall.

    The third computer is used to control all these things.. while editing the database (php/mysql) with the actual objekt and then to have two buttons on the site to start a script to refresh the two websites on first computer and beamer ) with the next object... ( or to go one objact back )

    my solution would be an own output website for each screen containing the specific content ( e.x. for the beamer only the image with no aditional data ... ) so i have to be able to start a apple script / or open the specific URL on each screen -BUT .. and THIS is the PROBLEM ... in the CURRENT WINDOW - AND - WITH bypassing the website URL.. because of the need to give parameter for the specific object.. like ( while id is changing .. so url is changing )

    i tried to use open -a "Safari" http://URL... but Safari is opening the calls with a New Tab each time... this is a problem because we have nearly 100 objects in one presentation and the browser window also will change the location with every new window or tab to NOT overly the previous browser window...

    i hope i could show up my general problem and would be very thankful for any help with this problem or new ideas to find a complete solution for this..

    all best from austria

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