Pros And Cons: Installing An Ssd In A 2009 Macbookpro

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    We need to (obviously) do something about our old MacBookPro (mid-2009). It's got 600gb HD, 2.53Ghz proc and 8GM Ram (4 in both slots) with a 9400M 256MB graphics card. I have a 2014 MacMini Turbo 1TB. It's okay, but I do do some iMovie stuff and Photoshop and even with Word.docx, occasionally I wait for the pinwheel when I'm editing a large document. However, we have used it primarily as a HD for about three years now, though occasionally we need a laptop if we travel (which is infrequent). So, I'm thinking, instead of another MacMini (and this would be the 8gb one for $600), how about swapping out the HD for an SSD (priced at $250 here + $115 to do the job and reinstall the files, etc. (Only 250gb used of the 600). Plus, I could replace the battery (died and can only be used with power) for another $130. I'd have what the computer guys tell me a faster computer than the MacMini for about the same price with a little to spare. I have one iPAD which I use occasionally and it is great for travel, but as we know, it's hard for two people to use one iPAD... and even adding a keyboard to it, adds another $70-$140 depending on off-brand or Apple.

    Thoughts? Pro and Con?
    Pro: Laptop
    cheaper to upgrade
    New battery
    New SSD
    Possible faster than 8gm Mac Mini (have keyboard and monitor already)

    Con: Old
    Will it be faster?
    Running El Capitan now. Will it run Sierra?
    How much life in it if the SSD is replaced?

    And other thoughts?
    PS I have a 2002 Quicksilver in the basement that I also need to either donate or do something with (I think the speakers are worth more than it is :) along with a 21" Cinema Display, but the point is, I fired it up the other day and it actually processes faster than the Macbookpro.
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    A SSD will be so much faster! One pitch fall is the age of the computer and cables inside being brittle, so be very careful!

    Here is install video that might help you:

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    Your mid-2009 MBPro will be limited to El Capitan.

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