Voodoo 2 drivers.....waiting game.


Here's my home set up, awaiting the Beta:

iMac 233Mhz (rev.A), 320MB, 4GB HD (two partitions; one is for the Beta - I'm too chicken to put it on my main partition for the moment).

Aside from my relatively small partitions (2GB each), one concern I have is regarding the GameWizard Voodoo2 card that I have installed in the Perch/Mezzanine slot; by the standards of modern cards, its not great, but I enjoy playing UT at something other than slide-show speeds. I gather that the Beta does not yet support third party cards; fair enough. I expect that 3Dfx drivers will be forthcoming in due course; but I wonder if Voodoo2 drivers will work with my particular card.

I guess this is very much a waiting game (as it ever has been with most things Apple); anyway, I understand that Classic game performance in Beta is pretty sucky at the moment anyway.

Anyone have any clue about Voodoo drivers in Beta?

How about game performance in Beta? How does it compare to OS 9 performance?

Edit: Sorry - I just saw the thread in the 3rd party software section of the site


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