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Many vendors repackage and sell OpenOffice.org on CD or DVD as a convenience service for people who cannot download the binaries (for example because of a slow connection). If you look here http://distribution.openoffice.org/cdrom/ you will see that there are loads of vendors selling OpenOffice.org on CD and/or DVD.
This is a quote from El's link and if you read through the eBay items listing details, it pretty much has an identical spiel.

It's like as if your country has oil reserves offshore but those who have the rights to drill for it and pipe it back to their country end up selling it back to you ...


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Remember these guys?


They re-package and sell a lot of open-source software (GIMP, GRASS, OpenOffice, AbiWord, etc.). Perfectly legal.
I wonder if he's including everything that's stipulated in the LGPL license, though. He would have to include the source or link to it in the case of OpenOffice.org. Plus, he could not use their logo unless he's received permission.

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I would also like to buy a good web server that can run Mac OS X well. If you have one or found a good one on eBay I would like that.
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