WARNING - don't install 10.4.11 - includes new, buggy Safari

Did 10.4.11 give problems for you?

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  • I didn't do 10.4.11, but 10.5

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I have the safari issues as well.

1. Agree to fryke about the software specialist.

2. I also think Apple should improve its software development, I mean Leopard causes problems, not Tiger has issues.

I'm losing that trust Apple has built over the years.


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I've updated to 10.4.11 now without problems. Even SafariSIA runs in Safari 3.0.4 (Tiger, though not on Leopard). Strange...


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I've updated to 10.4.11 last night. All is well so far. I don't really use Safari as I use Firefox and Camino, but I decided to play with the new Safari after reading this thread for the past few days. I didn't notice anything too strange....seemed to work just fine for me.

Some things to consider when upgrading (which I do all the time, YMMV):
  1. Unplug all unnecessary peripherals except for the keyboard and the mouse.
  2. Stop all unnecessary processes for the upgrade (ClamXav's scan agent, for example).
  3. Verify your disk to make sure there are no errors. IF there are, boot into Single User Mode and run the command /sbin/fsck -yf until you get the message that the hard drive is OK and then type reboot.
  4. Repair permissions on your hard drive.
  5. Run the updater.

The last one is very important, especially since most of the current 10.4.x updates have required two reboots. Once the desktop is back, I repair permissions, restart those disabled processes, and plug all my peripherals back in.


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I dl-ed the update (having read the bit about Safari on the Apple page and wondering if I really needed it). Restarted, re-opened Safari and everything slowed way down: finder, firefox, vlc - basically everything except the fan, which went into overdrive.

Kicked myself for not coming here and searching for threads like this one, restarted the machine again, and so far so good, including Safari, which I don't use much anyway.

Sorry to hear people have had problems. I agree with nixgeek that two reboots have been an unadvertised requirement for recent updates.


Developing a web-app that *only* and specifically works on a moving target? Charging about 10'000$ for a little updating? Heck I'd fire those guys instantly. Either way: If updating the software costs 10'000$, then simply reinstall 10.4.10, get your data back from your backup and continue using Safari 2.0.4 until that "software developer", if one can call it that, grows up.
If this board had a ratings system Fryke would get a 5 out of 5 for that one.


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I encountered this problem as well, and I've submitted a bug report to Apple. Hopefully it gets marked as a duplicate, because that means it's been reported already and that they'll most likely release an update.

Regarding your issue with Safari 3 and your custom software: that is complete and utter BS. Any vendor I hired to create a web application or an application that tied in with a web browser that created it for one version of one specific browser would be fired immediately. They don't know if I'm going to be using their application on 10.4 or 10.5 or even Windows, and they should make no assumptions to such. Charging $10,000 to update for Safari 3 is akin to saying "We build a shoddy product that contains unnecessary locks, and we don't believe in maintaining a decent client-vendor relationship," and you should find a new vendor immediately.


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Just to add to this Post:

I was having significant problems with 10.4.10 update... starting with 10.4.8 install disks and following each available update to 10.4.10. I chose to make a clean install back to 10.4.8 and then i installed the 10.4.11 intel combo update. I am only having one issue, being that the airport drops connexion. I have to turn airport OFF and then ON again.

Other than that, issues that i have read about 10.4.11 do not exist for me. Perhaps the combo upgrade from 10.4.8 to 10.4.11 is the cleaner way to go.

I think i will wait to install 10.5.* .



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Thanks everyone for their help and advice. We are still working through the problem.

Re: the helpful advice about sacking our IT people - actually on the scarce information I provided I would agree with you, but the situation i a fair bit more complex than that (I won't go into it here - but I think what it is going to mean is bringing forward a major upgrade which still has some bugs and which I was not expecting to have to introduce until late next year - that is where the big expense comes in - I am happy to go into details, but I can't imagine anyone is interested). I am still assessing things - and, as I said, we can still use Windows...

Investing in software development to support our business is not a problem - we expect that will happen from time to time. We also expect upgrades to cause problems (which I why I have been running Leopard on a new machine I purchased before introducing it to our other computers - and there are some issues, which I thought I would have some weeks or months to work through. I was not expecting a routine upgrade from Apple to cause such a problem).

The problem this time has been a short-term crisis precipitated by an innocuous-looking upgrade. We downloaded the upgrade to four computers before we realised it was a problem - luckily one computer is is still unaffected, and a remote-located employee did not upload the upgrade (and will not, until we can solve the problem).

People can choose to pour scorn on our business acumen and our contract IT providers if you wish (that's okay - although we're prospering, so we must be something right) but the simple fact is that everything was working fine until Apple released an upgrade which caused a major hassle.

Please don't blind yourself to that by simply dismissing my complaint.

Cheers all



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David, you cannot just put a blind eye to the fact that their code only works fror a particular version of an application. Something is definitely wrong there. If this were really the fault of Apple, then many more sites would be affected and not just the one created by the contracted developers. There's nothing wrong with investing money on an outside group of developers to do that job, but you have to make sure that what they create can scale properly. The Safari beta has been out for a long time now and those developers could have easily used that beta to test out the current development of said web application. They failed to do that, and now that the final version is out things are broken. This is hardly Apple's fault as the beta was made available to everyone for this sole purpose (consider why it's been made available even for Windows....how else would Windows developers be able to develope for the iPhone?).

No one is dismissing your complaint...it's just that it seems misdirected when it should be the contracted developers that need to check their code against all browsers that are available. This is why your company pays for their service. Personally, I just think that they are now trying to cover up their mess by passing the blame to Apple and convincing your company employees of the same.

Case in point: the school district I work for has purchased software from Excelsior called GradeBook that is used to input grades for all students in the district. AT the moment, this program requires Java in order to function. There was a time early on when only a particular version of Java was allowed....you could not upgrade to the newer version even though it might include security patches that the system might need or it would break the web app. I doubt that the district blamed Sun for this problem. Shortly thereafter, Excelsior made the code compatible for the newer versions of Java and made it so that there would be minimal breakage with subsequent updates. That to me is better development than blaming another company for your own mistakes and then charging the entity contracting you an exhorbitant amount of money to make the changes. Just my opinion, but you have to realize when you're being taken for a ride, especially considering the haste in which this web development contract was made according to your last post.


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all i know is that safari 3 works for far more things now then safari 2 did. i no longer have to goto other web browsers for certain sites. i'm very happy with it, and enjoy using it more every day. besides, if this site you use only works with 2.0.4, you can set safari 3 to work as 2.0.4. download an app called tinkertool and run it. click on its safari tab and tell it to enable the debug menu. now relauch safari and goto debug>user agent and select safari 2.0.4. now the site should work. if it doesn't, then i have to agree with nixgeek in that the coders you used did a really bad job and are taking you for a ride.


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Did anybody ever find a way to resolve this problem?

I've only just installed the update and am experiencing the same issue(s). Safari closes/ crashes (without bug report) after a short period of time OR if more than 3 tabs are opened at once (which ever is the most annoying).

I've installed on three machines and am having problems with only 1 (the most important 1, obviously)

Inter Mac Mini - OK
G4 667 Ti laptop - OK
G5 1.8 dual tower - crashing.

Any advice on how I can sort it out would much appreciated.