what would you bid...


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what would you bid for my computer in running mint with a clean system? possibly the screen too...be honest guys...

G4 500 dual. 128 megs of ram. 30 gig drive. DVD drive. Thats about it.


if i had the money...id say 600 cuase software doesnt matter to me if you know what i mean...

i was going to say 1000...but for 1300 you can get a 733

but with all that crap like the soundsticks id say maybe a bit more 600-800

but i am looking for a piece of shiat pc for $200 so if anyone has that....


How good of a POS PC are you lookin' for?
I have a few that I wouldn't charge that much for, but they're fairly slow pentium systems...
Great for Linux...but slow in windows, and definatley not gaming material.
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