Which foods would boost up the immune system?


How can I improve my immune system in a natural way?


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Don't forget peppers. All very high in Vitamin C.

One green chili pepper has on average 121% of the daily recommend min vitC. 1/2 a cup of yellow sweet pepper has over twice that of its green cousin (sweet peppers have more as they mature, chili peppers are opposite their sweet cousins.) If you really want a sour but vitC packed option, try a Kakadu Plum. Just one has 530% of the daily!

Veg/Fruit/SpiceServ Size*vitC Per Serv% of Daily
Sweet Yellow Pepper (raw)100g183mg306%
Sweet Green Pepper (raw)100g81mg134%
Green Chili Pepper (raw)100g242mg404%
Red Chili Pepper (raw)100g144mg239%
Broccoli (raw)100g65mg108%
Kale (raw)100g120mg200%
Kale (cooked)100g41mg68%
Guavas (raw)100g228mg381%
Acerola Cherries100g1677mg2796%
Kakadu Plums100g5300mg8834%

* Not actual serving sizes...all were equalized for easy comparison to the adult average rec daily of 60mg.
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Plus today most people need to go outside and get your natural vitamins D from the Sun!


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Which you can only do when it is a clear day.


And really only the sun-rising sunlight. Full on sun doesn’t do it

I don’t think there’s a one size fits all diet for everyone. All Those foods mentioned can be part of a plan, but, for example, peppers are from the nightshade family and they kick the snot out of me. Strawberries make my friend break-out in a rash. Bananas used to be my go to fruit (potassium) and now -older - I feel they aggravate inflation. needless to say it is diet that has Americans in the (rounded) shape we are in. Diet produces dis-ease and we treat it with chemicals.

Still, I think diet is the way to go (rather than pharmaceutical) There are lots of herbs and (yuck) mushrooms that are beneficial but you won’t find them in the produce section. Finding an unbiased source to guide you to find the things that work for you is the trick. Most of the “gurus” are pushing there own brand of good-for-you supplements.

Try finding an herbalist at a farmers market near you and make sure you take a grain of salt.