will this mini DVI adapter work on my 867Mhz, 12" PBook?


I have a 867Mhz, G4, 12" PowerBook.

I bought it used about a moth ago and the guy gave me the two white Apple adapters (mini DVI-to-VGA & mini DVI-to-SVideo) that came with it. However, I really need the mini DVI to DVI adapter because I would like to hook up the 15" Apple Display that came with my G4, 500Mhz tower. I already have the ADC-to-DVI connector.

From my understanding all I needed was this mini DVI to DVI adapter and I could use both screens in span mode.

So, I ordered the part from the Apple website: Apple Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter

Ok, now the problem. I was in a computer store today and noticed that the newest G4, 12" PowerBooks have a DIFFERENT mini DVI plug than mine does.

It is due to arrive in 2-3 days and I am wondering if in fact will even fit my mini DVI plug? I hate to open the box, try it and fit out it doesn't work because I am sure there will be no way to return it then.

Can anyone tell me if the adapter I ordered will fit my older 12", 867 Mhz model mini DVI plug?

If, not, is it possible to return it to Apple for a refund if I do not open it? Does anyone have any experience with returning stuff to Apple?

Thanks for your help.


To answer my own question, I just received the item and it is for the never mini-DVI plug only. (part#M9321G/A)

It seems that the plug on my laptop is a mini-VGA and Apple no longer sells a mini VGA to DVI adapter.

So, how does one do it?

Buy a VGA to DVI adapter, connect it with your mini-VGA to VGA adapter (hopefully supplied with your laptop). If you are planning to use the 15" Apple Display then you also need the ADC to DVI converter and a VGA gender changer.

Complicated, but it's the only way I can get it to work.

Hopefully this will assist anyone else trying to do the same thing.