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    Dial up under os x

    You will have to get the DNS numbers from your ISP. Then just type them into the DNS box in PPP Connect. That should be all you need to do.
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    A .sit expander?

    Why not use the carbonized version of StuffIt Expander that's included with Mac OS X Beta? Go to your Applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and open the Aladdin folder. Enjoy. Don't use StuffIt Expander to expand .tar.gz or .tgz files though. It doesn't like those for some...
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    Switching Startup Disk from OS9 to OS X and Back again

    Yup. If you hold down the option key while clicking on the "Special" menu in the Desktop, the "Shut Down" option changes to a "Restart" option.
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    Switching Startup Disk from OS9 to OS X and Back again

    Why would they post it on their answers site? Take a look at page 25 of the Mac OS X manual (in the Troubleshooting section). There are two topics titled "You need to start up your computer using Mac OS 9" and "You want to start up in Mac OS X after starting up in Mac OS 9". They describe the...
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    PPP connect

    Make sure that you are specifying your ISP's DNS numbers in the PPP Connect application. Unlike Mac OS 9, Mac OS X doesn't automatically get them from your ISP's PPP server when you connect.
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    PPP Connect (LCP Failure)

    The only time I saw that error was when I was using an incorrect username/password to log in. Make sure you are using the correct ones for your account. Also make sure that you are specifying the IP addresses of your ISP's DNS servers. Unlike Mac OS 9, Mac OS X doesn't automatically pick...
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    Yup, that's what I needed to do to get SSH to work. I am using it fine right now. At the Terminal prompt type "ssh-keygen". I just used all the defaults that it offered. After the keygen program does its business you should be able to type "ssh" and it should connect you...
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    PPP doesnt work ?

    Just to clarify... Apple Remote Access in Mac OS 9 was able to pull the DNS information (as well as your IP, the gateway IP, and a few other things) from the PPP server automatically when it connected. This is a newer extension to the PPP protocol. However since Windows and Mac OS 9 had it...