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How do I restore some individual files from a system backup made using Disk Utility. PC person rather than a MAC so not sure how I do this?
First - you should create a thread to ask your question. The side bar profile post is not for questions.
Second - you can not make a back up using Disk Utility. You must of used a different app for the back up, and depending on what you used will depend on how to restore.
Hi , Fryke , I downloaded an apps recently and I can't open it because this error appeared saying: The Render Engine could not be Initialize: There is an error in your system preference you will need to correct this problem and relaunch. Could not load Render Framework -(Error-7) how do i fixed this error? which i do not know?

any help regarding this matter please will be much appreciated! and thank you
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We can not help you in the status column. Please post in the forum threads.