Apple sightings on TV and movies?


Here are the ones I've seen:

Dark Angel: I forget the guy's name, but he's the guy that does "Eyes Only" and he uses a G4 Cube with a flatscreen and a bogus interface. Most likely Kaleidoscope's doing. ;)

Drew Carey: At Winfred Louder (sp?) he uses a G4 Cube with a flatscreen and OS X in the later episodes of the series. Mimi is always seen with a teal or purple iMac, and on a couple epdisodes Drew has been seen with a tangerine iBook.

Bernie Mac: Flower power iMac seen in the corner of the teen girl's room.

Malcolm in the Middle: There's a Ruby iMac on a few shots.

Post your sightings here! :D


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Carrie Bradshaw on "Sex and the City" writes all her columns on an apple. occasionally somebody else in a coffee house or something has one too. sorry i don't know all my models by sight.

i think the boy on "My Wife and Kids" has an imac in his bedroom but i might be confused.


Did you ever see the movie, "Showtime" ? There's a scene with a nicely placed G4+flatscreen running an Apple ad for about 5 minutes (or more). The screen is on camera the whole time.

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Yeah that showtime tiBook ad is simply hilarious. It's so prominent and does well..nothing at all for the plot. THey give eddie murphy some stylish mac in there too when they redo his office.

Also recently sighteded and most likely noted by many. The latest x-files episode has Scully in os x on a cube doing some vidoe ocnferencing.

obviously Seinfeld is a classic here. Jerry had some random beige mac in his room for the lognest time and had a 20th anniversary one at one point iirc.

trying to thinbk i know they're practically everywhere as my friends always grimmace when they see them in there hwne i'm around...and thta seems to happen a lot.


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I've often heard that Apple has a near-monopoly on product placement in Hollywood, as you can tell from the fact that most (it seems) computers that magically appear in a hollywood movie are Macs, even when it doesn't make any sense.

Jurassic Park had macs. Quadra 900's or something, right?

One place Apple didn't get, and I think the moviemakers made the right choice, was in Swordfish, that movie with John Travolta and some whiz hacker. They had some Panasonic Toughbooks (model 28 I think), which are killer, non-killable, laptops.



Independence Day (Wallstreets)
Zoolander (iMacs)
Legally Blonde (First Gen iBooks)
Life As A House (Apple Monitor)
Batman Returns (20th Anniversary)

:D As I think of more i'll keep editing my post!


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Alfred in Batman had a 20th anniversary Mac, yes, but Batgirl had an eMate 300. :) :) :)

Also, don't forget the PowerBook 5300 alongside the Nokia communicator in 'The Saint'.

Also prominently placed: The black ergonomic keyboard (Apple) in 'Hackers', as well as a Newton MessagePad and a PowerBook.

By the way Logan (Eyes Only in Dark Angel) not only has a Cube with a Cinema Display, he also has a Pismo PowerBook (first season episodes). I haven't seen the second season yet, guess it'll take about a year until it appears here in Switzerland and Germany.


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Independence Day with Jeff Goldblum - he had a Powerbook on that movie. Sad to say I am not sure what the model is (I believe it's a Powerbook 500 mHz series?) and another one Life As A House with Kevin Kline, an iMac lamp :).


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West Wing - they used to have the older G3 Power Books (the black ones with the Apple that lights up in the lid) and now they have TiBooks.

Also, I came across this article about Macs and PCs in that show, 24. Apparantly, the good guys use Macs while the bad guys use Wintels. I've watched the show but never noticed this.,2125,52559,00.html


... I didn't want to, but my girlfriend made me watch it! Honest! ... oh, alright, I actually quite like the film. Not least of all because there are LOADS of Macs (G4s I think) with flat panels in it. And curiously some odd MSN messanger that types out your messages really slowly with clicking noises. If my any software on my iBook started doing that I'd uninstall it before you could say "OY!".



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Buffy the Vampire slayer :D man I'd trouble shoot for her any day of the week....

I seem to recall the computers in TRON were apple system 6 or 7 but I can't verify that for sure. It wasn't obvious but the title and scroll bars tip you off.


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On season 1 Izzy had an iBook (OK, it wasn't exactly an Apple - it had a Pineapple on the back)
On season 2 he had a B&W G3 I think,
On season 3 there are iMacs all over the place...


Hate to admit that I watched this, but The Net had Macs all over. What I thought was funny was how the big bad virus started. By pressing escape. My escape key is pretty dusty -- don't use it much. On Windows I used it all the time. Think that the writers might not have been working on Macs? :eek:


Antitrust (A good movie IMO) has a bunch of Mac keyboards in it, and Milo was using a UNIX shell, I believe. Could this have been Mac OS X in its fledgeling form? :D

By the way, anyone else seen that movie? The code at the beginning sequence is HTML XD