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this thread may die a quick death or it might become a classic. But it has come to my attention that there is no thread for just yakking. Yes several of us do it in our 'congrats' threads, but my guess is those seem like private parties to most folks. so i am proposing this thread as a place where everyone is welcome to come and blow off steam, talk nonsense, report your daily adventures, complain about your parents, whine about your job, share your latest accomplishment, etc. In other words just like the atmosphere at your local bar or coffee shop.

I decided to name the establishment after Herve since he has probably started more off the wall conversations with his topical posts than any other single individual. So now Herve can add 'Official Bar Owner' to his resume if he would like:D

This is not a cuss thread, though strong language should be ok. keep verbal assaults to a minimum. no jokes about my mother. making jokes about your own mother is ok. wheeeeeeing is allowed but not encouraged. clothes are optional;)

I will start by talking about the weather. (always a good ice breaker).We have been having very wierd weather in n. calif. lately. Very cold with sunshine. very deceiving stuff. On theother hand i am glad i am not in a snow belt. this is about the time of year that cabin fever would usually set in for me. anyone who is not getting snow right now should check out albert's pics in the digicam thread to remind themselves how lucky they are. Those who are getting snow should look at the pics to remind themselves there is great beauty even in misery:D
Herve Bar and Grill?

watch out for flying Molitov cocktails.

I am not a pyro. Really ! I am not joking,
looks pretty open to me herve.

so what will you have? coffee? tea? soda? juice? maybe a sprizter?

the owner of this bar can have what he wants;)

and we'll be glad to put those muffins in the microwave and make 'em nice and warm. mmmmmm.

ok, everybody order up. first round is on Herve. He's buying:p

Nummi, you can have that molitov cocktail, but you can't light it in the establishment. you will have to go outside for that:D

now about that weather.....
It is closed :mad: Ed Spruiel, closed:mad: , closed:mad: . But IT is on the Interbrewsite. :p I think they have stolen all the electricity out of the iMac's. :eek:
nice wheeeeeeeeeee sithious.

but what inspired it? reckless disregard or some moment of true joy?:p

herve, the site loads fine, was updated yesterday, and has enough english for me to tell it is still promoting the products. maybe they have blocked you so you don't go catching them selling G4's for so cheap anymore:confused: :D

oh, and my electricity is just as lousy as always;)
lol ed, i suppose it was a mixture of reckless disregard and the presence of herve ...
can't help wheeeeeeing when herve's around ... :D
Yeah... California weather has been weird... though, I'm so used to anything now. I went to New York and Pennsylvania for a few weeks and now I can go outside with just a tshirt and shorts on when it's only 45 degrees farenheit. I'm invincible to the cold.

Bar & Grill, eh?

Alright, I would like a grilled gardenburger with extra cheese and lettuce. Also, a side order of cheese fries and onion rings. And a Pina Colada, too.... with a cherry. Thanks.
Hmm, I'm glad we could exclude the "ruling class" from this one.:D

Who wants to talk about personality types, I just figured mine out. And i'm going t get a professional one done by my friend. Its some really cool stuff. I'm an ENTJ.

Anyone else?

Oh yeah. Where's my drink, i ordered 30 minutes ago???
i'm sorry Phil, i didn't hear ya order. i've been busy waiting on herve to decide what he wants:rolleyes:

i see adambyte found the pretzels and peanuts.

oh and i guess i should let everyone know that at Herve's Bar & Grill, it is always happy hour:D

once more science has amazed us. you and Ak are extroverted and i am just barely borderline introverted. who would have figured. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

you might do well going into technical marketing. all these intj folks around here could use somebody to speak out for them. attend social functions for them. sell their ideas to big bucks corporations. rumor has it that lots of the people on this site are afraid to speak up against m$ and aol because they are hoping they will buy an idea from them. I guess i will be sh*t out of luck if i have an idea,huh?:p

sithious - you gonna have another wheeeee or are you just going to sit there in the corner?
Hi everyone! Herve, I'll have a coke and fries thanks! :D

I had a great couple of days. I took a test ride on a few bikes and scooters and found the one for me. http://www.derbi.com/2001/eng/modelos/atlantis100/atlantis100.htm; my first bike, I hope. I will book in for my license as soon as things settle down enough.
You Europeans probably see these everywhere, but here in Australia scooters are very rare, so it does actually turn some heads when you zip between the cars at the lights and buzz away at 100 km/h!

Also, there are places going for Bachelor of I.T. at University of Ballarat, and I am very tempted to sign up. I picked up all the info and now have to work out if I can manage it.

Ahh! Heres my order! You talk now, I gotta eat ... mmm mmm mmm
enjoy your meal mate but stop spilling your food down the front of ya, ok? you got http's dripping all down your shirt in that last post. you might want to go back and edit it;)

of course i got around that and gotta tell ya it looks like a pretty nice scooter. don't want to sound like your mother, but lets hope you're careful. i would hate to hear where a monkey businessman got clobbered by a mercedes truck trying to get home in time to watch his favorite tv show or something.:D

btw - sounds like you got a cool car sitting around to work on. what gives with that? when are you gonna finish?

so is this going to Uni or working there? I never heard of a uni that had "openings" for students:confused:

and please don't stare at sithious - he's getting ready to wheeeee again anytime. after that, feel free to get him talking like everybody else.:p

(sorry the fries were a little undercooked. the place is still new and all)
I just got an image of a monkey on a scooter, and snorted coca-cola through my nose (ouch! my brain!) I think I'll stick to water, thanks, Herve.

As for the old Daimler; they're a little expensive to patch up. I need an engine rebuild, the leather repaired, the carpets replaced and a respray. I'm about 10% finished on it after 4 years. I have driven it though, even with two cylinders shot it moves like a dream and roars like a Harley.

The Australian university system works a little differently. There is a state-run admissions centre that processes applications and offers places for all courses in December. Then, the Unis advertise anything that didn't fill up. Its all very complicated, but the long and short of it is that there are places for "direct entry" in the Bachelor of IT and Bachelor of Computing courses out my way, if I'm ready to take on an interest free "tax debt" to pay them off. I've been doing the math and its not a bad deal.

Also this weekend, I went body-boarding - very badly. I did manage to get airborne though, which is great fun until you land head first in a big wave.
I am also waiting for the university in the same things as you. I try to push with a ticket to get access at commercial people. This is the best way to defend me. Garbage, Garbage, Garbage all the time garbagecollection.
So, symphonix, or "monkey businessman", if I may call you that, what was so special about this image of a scooter-riding monkey that it pushed you to start snorting coke? Was it a lovely female monkey? because of late, I've noticed a strange absence of ladies from this bar. Was it jadey?:D

Need I remind you that you are not sitting in the hard drugs section of the restaurant?:mad:

Whats Hevre all worked up about? Must be all that stress a new restaurant put on him. We'll if you need a new frontman herve, i'll go into a partnership for about mabey 30% of what your salary is?:D

Will work for G4 towers!:p