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    Disk image mount problem

    No? I am having the same problem, and need an a solution, as more and more developers are distributing their software on this format.
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    Root can't receive email; /var/mail/root

    Hey Everyone, I'm running postfix here locally on 10.0.0, and the root accnt can't receive email. First, I know that you shouldn't send email from root, but it should HAVE THE CAPACITY to do so, agree? /var/spool/mail/root does NOT exist. Mail to root isn't bounced, it just doesn't go to...
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    DNS Problems w/ PPP

    Hey There- I think I did something wrong, as DNS won't resolve. I have put my DNS servers into every place I can imagine, but no name resolves. I made sure it was DNS by going to, and it connected fine. But go to, and that stalls. I also see in console...