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    Why is IE the only app that crashes on OS X?

    IE5 crashes a lot on my system. It hangs a long too (the spinning beachball!). ::still waiting fot the perfect browser::
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    No auto startUp

    You are absolutely right. It woke up once. Now it forgets again. Dang! :(
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    No auto startUp

    You can still set up auto wakeup in 9 (when you boot up in 9), then restart in X. After that your Mac will wake up at specified time you set in 9. It remembers! It works for me. :)
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    OSX chess game

    If you want to play chess with a friend, get a real chess board and pieces. Much better chess experience. Computer chess is always meant for you to be playing against computer. Just an opinion :)
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    Mathematica type programs for X

    Are there any programs like Mathematica or MathLab for OS X yet? Any plan for Carbon version of Mathematica? Thanks.
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    Low cost iPod announced!

    this is great. :D
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    OSX Browser!

    Yes. Bring back CyberDog! :D Maybe we can call it CyberDoX! heh :cool:
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    Do I really need Office X ???? Apple Works okay???

    I use Tex-Edit Plus. Fits my need. $500 for a word processor is a joke.
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    What about Real Audio?

    I hope they make an OS X version soon. There are some streams out there I need RealPlayer for. :o