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    Active Server Pages

    You can also configure PHP4 to process ASP tags!!!!
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    Need some direction

    This may be the wrong area but can anyone point me to a website or man page that describes compiling source code for a beginner? Any help appreciated.
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    Recompuling linux apps

    Is there a site out there that walk you through the basics of compiling an app? I wish to learn.
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    Slimmed system?

    I am with you on a slimmer faster os, and with OS 9 I would agree 100% with you. But this is OS X! No matter what you have on your system, (from my understanding) it only uses what it needs so you don't have3 the old worries of extensions and control panels slowing you down. I deleted the QT...
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    Keyboard opinion poll

    I don't know about others, but if you like to have your hand cramped at the end of the day then the puck is gor you, but I love my Orbit mouse and the new mice Apple is shipping!
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    Netscape for OS X

    Mozilla is an Open Source version of what is to be Netscape 6. Pretty much my inderstanding is that Mozilla develops and Netscape takes whatever they like from the OpenSource project and put it into Netscape 6 which will be coming out soon I think (they just released pr 3 for all systems...
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    Web Browsers for OS X

    First off I would like to state that I am very happy to see third party browsers like iCab and OmniWeb. I loved iCab on OS8.6 when the other two browsers started to become to salesy. That said, I would love for someone to port the default SuSE Linux browser (Netscape 4.7) to OS X. I have had...
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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    Matt is amazing!!!!!! I have MySQL and PHP 4.0 working on a beige 233 and it is absoluteley amazing I don't think I will ever touch my Linux machine again!
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    There are LUGs, MUGs... Will there be XUGs

    Hi, I live in the bay area and sometimes go to BLUG and used to be apart of PMUG (portland). I was hoping that because of the complexity of BSD there might be a XUG in the works and if not if anyone would be interested in starting one? I will what little knowledge I have and time to...
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    Email Campaign For Macromedia This is a little self serving, but I hope others out there are in the same situation. I develop web, banners, and flash using Macromedia Products and now that I can also host dynamic web pages using OS X I want to start an email...
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    Can Mac OS X survive without an office suite?

    I am an avid Mac User but recently been playing with linux for some server stuff and dynamic webpages... but I ramble. My point is that using Linux I have had the pleasure of using Star Office and i think if done properly can release us from the bloat ware we call on office suite supplied by M$...
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    233 Beige G3 running fine all the time

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! I have this running on my original Beige G3 as my primary os, running PHP4.02, MySQL and apache!!!!!!! Now i don't need my linux box anymore i can develop and host on my Mac WOOO HOOO!!! This is what I and a lot of other web developers have been waiting for! I will...
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    Need help setting groups

    First off OSX is truly a great operating system... That said does anyone know how to set groups? Like the old users and groups. I can setup users fine, I now need to asign them to groups. Any help would be greatly appreciated.