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    Which ipod to get?

    There's no sound difference between the iPods... If you want a jack of all trades then you have to plump for the Video - I bought one for my wife the other day - it really is pretty impressive... We like the idea of storing movies on it for trips away from home... Wherever we go there's a TV...
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    iPod Video Thread - (speculation, rumours etc.)

    Interesting idea - I can see it happening... Also, Lt Major, don't forget that the shuffle is pretty much indestructible - while the nano, by all accounts, isn't! I know which I'd rather take to the gym... :rolleyes:
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    iPod Video Thread - (speculation, rumours etc.)

    Hi Diablo You're absolutely right - I don't know what I was thinking! A definite case of engaging keyboard before engaging brain! Thanks for your reply... That video iPod's looking more attractive by the minute! :)
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    iPod Video Thread - (speculation, rumours etc.)

    Perhaps I'm missing the point, but I just downloaded the music video "American Idiot" to test it out on my PowerBook... When I tried to play it in "full screen" mode it's awful... Would it be the same if used it on one of the new iPods with connections to a TV? I thought this was the whole...
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    Photo caption time!

    brilliant, Satcomer! ;)
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    What's the best bluetooth phone to use with my mac?

    i can recommend the new SE K750i - it's a really sweet phone! Excellent photos too for a phone! Highly recommended! ;-)
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    Mail Issues

    Maybe! ;) You could buy an external hard drive (they're not expensive nowadays) and use that for your iTunes Library. That's what I did with mine when it got too big and it works fine. It also an easy way to free up space on your computer's HD and you could use it to backup your machine...
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    Mail Issues

    If you're using iTunes you can see how much space your music files are using by opening iTunes and then looking at the information at the bottom of the window... :)
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    Mail Issues

    My understanding is that it's always a good idea to keep at least 10% of your hard drive empty (but I'm happy to be corrected!) so I would certainly try to free some space if you can. It should certainly speed things up! A hard drive / hard disk is the same thing... Good luck... :)
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    Microsoft does it again!

    I think it's a wonderful marketing opportunity for Apple. "Microsoft recommends that, in order to avoid spyware on your computer, you.... GET A MAC!!!" Too funny... :)
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    Where the heck is stuffit?

    I think I got it on a CD, but have no idea where it is... As I recently packed up my house, it's probably in storage - what a nightmare!
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    Where the heck is stuffit?

    Thanks MisterMe, but I'm trying to get a download without having to pay again! I've got the license key already - I just want the software... I tried using it on regular StuffIt but it doesn't "upgrade" it to Deluxe... :( Thanks anyway...
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    Where the heck is stuffit?

    Does anyone know how to get Stuffit Deluxe? Is it only available in CD format? I bought it previously, but now can't find a way to install it on my (cleanly installed) copy of Tiger! Whoops... Thanks :)
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    Candy Bar Alternative

    mw84 - any reason why you'd want to use anything other than CandyBar? It's a stunning program and now supported in Tiger! DefUnct_UK - Taking it back to standard is as easy as pressing a button! ;)
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    'Restart your computer' message

    My G5 suffered the same problems with 10.4 (problems gone since upgrading to 10.4.1) You'll notice there's no problem with lack of RAM or HD space! ;) I put it down to Tiger!