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    Exporting a List of File Names

    Awesome ! Thanks nealt. I'll give it a go ! Any other suggestions are welcome.
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    Exporting a List of File Names

    I realize this is an ancient thread , but : I would be very curious how to export a text file list of all the contents of all the sub directories (and their subdirectories within subdirectories) --- using a similar bash command as above. The bash command above will only print a list of files...
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    FINDER : Album and Artist Information for arranging MP3s and Audio Files in Finder ??

    Hi there! I'm a relatively new Mac User and first time posting here. I've had this Mac for a couple of months and am VERY happy with it, wish I'd made the leap waaay sooner. However, of course there are a few kinks , and I have a couple of questions about the finder as I feel maybe it is...