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    Where is registration info stored?

    Try using sherlock to search for IRCLE (if you haven't already tried), also if that doesn't work, post a reply with the addr. for IRCLE and I will look at it. --dave
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    Root password and the Sudoers File

    Probably your ideas would have been much simpler to do, but at that time, that was the only solution I could improvise. Thanks for your help! --David
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    Root password and the Sudoers File

    I am really a unix newbie with scattered experience in various areas. Probably that will work! (though because unix uses the CRYPT command to generate a passwd, and crypting nothing still gives a big string.. I dunno now) (I just knew I could copy it so I used that) Thanks Rob
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    Root password and the Sudoers File

    the file /private/etc/sudoers is a file Not to touch for unix newbies! (Like I was) This file is accesible by default only to the root user. But, as we all know, Apple has CONVINIENTLY locked the root users password! So I figured, hmm- sudo, sudoers? And I tried sudo chmod 777...