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    Google Mail Servers Refuses To Send To

    (Apologies if this is not the right place... do not know where else to put it) A few correspondents (coming from gmail) have alerted me in the past days that sending emails to my address bounce with: Technical details of temporary failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it...
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    Add a 2nd Airport to An Airport Network

    I am not quite sure what's happening in your case, but have you tried going through the Airport's logs? You can browse them by setting up syslogd on a machine running Tiger on your network, or using Apple's Airport Management Utility. -> Additional...
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    Aiport Express Airtunes drops frequently

    I have suffered from this problem for too long and it took me too long to find a solution, and there is a persistent rumour that says that Apple is deleting the related postings on the Mac forums, so here it goes in case it helps somebody else. (I found the solution in...
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    Test your real-world machine speed...

    typical 579 MIPS fast 2.1 BIPS stock iMac G4 800MHz (you know 256MB, SuperDrive, etc) running 10.1.5, Finder and OmniWeb