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    Installing Linux

    I've never had an issue booting a Linux CD on the B&W, but you may need to have some sort of version of Classic on a small partition on the drive so that you can install BootX or something that will boot the CD for least that's how YDL handles it on systems that can't boot the...
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    Troubles getting Panther to boot.

    I installed a Seagate Barracuda 80gb drive in a Bondi iMac for my mother and was trying to install Panther on it. Did a custom install and everything seemed to go just as it should. Installation ran all its tasks and then got the message that installation was successful and asked me to...
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    Unable to Connect to Gateway

    Help me out, here, Bart. You say that every machine can connect to the internet except the webserver through the gateway. Are you talking about your router being the gateway (just so I make sure I understand what you're saying)? I'd try to restart the router first, just like the...
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    Alternative to iTunes??

    I was looking for an alternative to iTunes recently and came up with's grown on me. :D Take care, C.
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    Good content managing software?

    Postnuke works pretty well....... There's also XOOPS and a scud of others.....go to and type CMS in the search field and you'll see what I mean. Take care, C.
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    Help please... Powerbook upon startup..

    Hey bobw. cdub1988 waves from TS..... :D Take care, and sorry to hear about your drive, Dshore...that doesn't sound good. C.
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    Apps Not Opening/working

    dae, You might try to navigate to your user home directory (whatever user you run under), and then to Library > Preferences.....find the and files and drag them to your desktop (make sure both apps are closed when you do this). Then try to...
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    Database Software

    You might consider mysql. There's a mysql administrator front-end for OS X as well as Windows that would allow users to add and modify records..... Downside is the access to administrative tasks right there in front of them and an interface that may appear daunting to everyday users...